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organic raw kraut is good for you - it's alive!!!!!!
welcome to hippychick's
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where you can find fresh homegrown and homemade homestead goods

chickenychica beauties
 hippychick's super-d-lovely eggs
cheers for local organic fed chickeny egg sellers!

the chickenchicas at hippychick's gardens provide beautiful fresh eggs daily. they enjoy organic feed, organically grown greens, tomatoes and the occasional melon from the garden, along with any goodies they can scratch up with their own two chickeny feets.

-- $4.00 per dozen
brown, white, blue green, dark brown
each carton is a mixed dozen
also available
-- kombucha tea starter kit - $12.oo
(pint jar w/tea, sugar and kombucha culture)
-- kombucha tea accessory kit - $18.oo
(glass wide mouth gallon jar, cloth kombucha cover, elastics and kombucha spoon)

hippychick's gardens is a hand to hand sustainable ad-venture
hippychick's gardens is located in historic bastrop, texas