Wednesday, July 17, 2013

chicken tillers @ work

rain falls in texas

it was dirty and wet work but someone has got to do it and so we did.

thanks to the great collaborative help of farmboy (a.k.a. lippy mawby) the garage girls have a fresh and clean coop, both coops have new big 50lb size feeders filled to the brim, a fresh supply of oyster shell and the outside feral chickens have access to a newly supplied healthy stash of scratch.

the veggies gardens are now cooking with old coop bedding and collected bags of clipped grass - prepping for fall/winter crops. the big big big (1000 gallon) rain collection tank's spigot is now better accessible and hooked up to a good long hose so as to direct it's collected gold to the fruity trees even though there ain't no fruit this season. the wee tank (375 gallon) is doing just fine. both tanks are full to the brim.

THANK YOU GODS OF THE RAINY DRIPS! all of our plants much prefer rainwater over city water - no chemicals, no chlorine and no nonsense. cheers!