Tuesday, August 14, 2012

- the sweet and low down - peaches and runnin'

first to the sweet -  peaches

i scored a 25lb box of "over-ripe" texas peaches yesterday for $10 bucks - that's a goodie good dealio around here.  they sat in the back of the hot subaru last night.  i was gifted with the most sweet and seductive scent of those peaches upon my collecting them from the auto-mo-transport-bile this a.m.  they were ready for makin' so i just got to it.

4 quarts of peachy raisin sauce - peaches, raisins, sugar, cardamom, cinnamon, cayenne, balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar and pink sea salt - yummo!

2 large sized peachy upside down cakes - the cake was thrown together with goods hanging about the pantry shelves - peaches, white and whole wheat flour, farm fresh eggs, pure maple syrup, lemon juice, ground flax, chia seed, pink sea salt.

2 loaves of peachy raisin quick bread - nearly the same as the upside down cakes but with the peach chunks mixed into the batter and raisins added - peaches, white and whole wheat flour, farm fresh eggs, pure maple syrup, lemon juice, ground flax, chia seed, pink sea salt.

1 peachy lemon oatmeal crumble - just like it sounds.  lemon juice, oatmeal and peaches slow bakes to a soft and gooey goodness

 everything is now bakes, canned, wrapped and ready for fridge and freezer.  it will be great to pull out and enjoy some sweet summer treats long after the peach season has passed.

now to the low down -
good thing i'm back to running with all this peachy goodness around.  oh my!

well i made it through the first week of 1/2 marathon training without a hitch.  in fact, in my usual hippychick fashion, i pushed it a bit.  just ran longer a couple of days because i felt good and i could.  i'm going to keep the push going as long as i am able.  i do get sore but it's not nearly the soreness i used to experience when i first started running years ago.  amazing how the body just picks up for you.

yesterday - monday was the day off and i took it off.  i could have gone to work out, there was really nothing stopping me but i went for the lazy evening at home for a change choice.  it was nice to eat a slow and casual dinner without a schedule looming overhead.

tonight i'll hit the gym for the tuesday 3 mile pick up.  i always run better after a day off so i imagine all will go well.

in other news - it's hot here - super hot - yet i'm thankful for the fact that this summer's heat has in no way come near last year's searing months of madness.  with that i'm off to feed and water the chickenychicas.  i'm sure they'll appreciate a fresh cool drink and an afternoon nosh although many may be in dust bath rest mode.  they usually are at mids day.  cheers!

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Matt B. said...

A shrub would be a great way to use a big box of peaches.