Wednesday, August 8, 2012

run hippychick run - day 1 & day 2 report

yes i'm training the for the austin 1/2 marathon (although secretly in my head i am training for the full marathon) and i have decided to journal the journey here at hippychick's adventure to sustainable happiness.  why?  why not really?  i am working to sustain my body and mind (lordy, i need help there) and my soul.

i am not you're typical athletic type.  i was not built to be a runner.  i may not even look like one but i am a runner or a back of the pack just keep swimminger runner.  i don't run to compete with anyone but me (most of the time - big picture - yes just against me) and i focus upon making it to and across the finish line.

why run?  well for me, it's about the only thing that helps me to really clear my head.  i'm not a slow, yoga, meditation type of relaxer person.  i need the beat the heck out of myself in order to slow the mind.  so running, which is definitely not easy for me, proves positive toward the goal.

in other news - this is my comeback.

my right ankle has been bum for 2 years now and i was looking at the possibility of surgery to fix it but decided rather to further change my diet and my exercise habits for the better.  i am currently living out my 44th year and have noticed rapid and drastic body changes inside and out.  the time is NOW it was screaming, get your act together now or get used to the achy badness.  i did not want to live with achy badness so i got back on my feets and began a slow and steady training program.

first bluefin's couch to 5k  then bluefin's transition to 10k and now hal higdon's 1/2 marathon training (although secretly in my head i am training for the full marathon).  so far so good.  there are days i crap out like any other human but i find my discipline is stronger and steadier as time goes by.

enough already - what up with the day 1 and day 2 report

day 1 - monday, rest day - walked, ran about doing errands, cleaned up around the homestead, was active but did not run.

day 2 - tuesday, 3 miles - i tested myself and ran each mile faster than the last - it was a good run.

i should let ya'll know, being in hotty hot hot central texas area that most of the training i'll be blogging about for the next month or so will take place on a treadmill.  there may be an occasional morning when i can get out before frying time and that will be nice but for now, it's the mill for miss hippychick-i-think-i-can-runner-lady.

day 3 is today, wednesday 2 miles - the plan is to crank it out at as fast a pace as my body will allow.  a.k.a. wednesday is speedy day!


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