Wednesday, August 8, 2012

hippychick is running again and it feels good - most of the time

here we go folks -

monday began my official 1/2 marathon training and i'm feeling good.
i am doing this the smart way. i trained 8 weeks to reach a comfortable 5k/3.1 mile distance and another 8 weeks to train for the 10k/6.2 miles distance before stepping into the 1/2 marathon training.

the preparatory 16 weeks is not always necessary for folks but it sure makes the ride a whole lot easier and due to the fact that i was coming off a bum ankle, i wanted to be sure my body was willing to allow the greater impact.

the early prep should also help me to increase my pace from my current super comfortable 11:15 min/mile to a 10min/10:20 min/mile ideally. now that i have the base strength, i can push a bit. time will tell where i land but the training layout should give me a fighting chance toward my goals. I have run four marathons and 2 1/2 marathons in my day and strongly believe that it is really beneficial to start at ground zero training with each new run.

a few reasons why i believe the ground zero start is the way to go. slow and steady training is best because you are not only training your body but you are training your mind as well and you will come to face personal monsters along the way. as you improve and on certain days fight through, you learn to see the monsters for what they are without breaking pace or giving them much of a thought and pass on by. also the training takes time (real time) and the body will respond if you nurture it into the training. you'll hurt yourself if you try too much at once plus you have to give your feet the chance to get used to being used at impact for several focused hours. if you don't, the dogs will be barking and you'll be the only one to blame. the training does require discipline and you do have to plan for it but the pay off is HUGE!

i actually find that they payoff for training toward any goal is HUGE - be it walk 2 miles, run 5 minutes, whatever it is. the fact the you set out to do it and then did, however long it took to get there is a big deal.

I will share my week to week training if you don't mind. It helps me journal through and it might inspire you to create your own personalized goal. you'll see my good days and my bad days which keeps it real. FYI this is the very same training folks would follow when training to walk a half marathon. It is also similar to the training schedule given to folks interested in the 3 day walk events.

take it for what you wish...

this week's schedule is as follows: i have included the purpose of each day as the distance and time may change over time but the purpose of the day is steady. Good for planning within your own universe.

Monday - rest day
always a rest day - low low impact walk/swim/bike ok but no running
* I use monday to take a brief check in with the body - see where the aches are, stretch when needed and if at all possible, jump in a pool and just put around with no particular purpose other than to allow the water to gently message me. also considering making monday/friday yoga day. i prefer bikram the hot sweat it out yoga.

Tu - 3 miles
base miles - slowly increase every other week
here i test myself to see if I can increase my speed just a bit with each mile

W - 2 miles
base miles - slowly increase every other week
here i try to run at my goal pace as long as i am able

Th - 3 miles
base miles - slowly increase every other week
i make thursday my easy day - i get the miles in but at whatever pace i wish for that day

F - rest day
always a rest day - low low impact walk/swim/bike ok but no running
whatever happens on friday happens - i'm thinking yoga monday/friday might be a nice practice to begin and end the week. also the yoga keeps me food conscious. if i eat too much or eat the wrong things, the yoga feels baaaaaaaaad. if i eat properly, lighter and keep hydrated, the yoga feels great!

S - 30 minute run
run for time not for distance - this is endurance training
here i go with however i feel that day but i try to be conscious of a pace that will allow me to run the time comfortably but slightly challenged.

Su - 4 miles
Sunday is the weekly long run day - this again slowly increases as the weeks go by
the long run is my most disciplined day. i run walk the long run at a pace i hope to hold steady for the entire distance. for example, this week i plan to run 10 minutes, walk 1 minute, run 10 minutes, walk 1 minute, repeat @ a pace of 10:50 run and @ a pace of 15:00 walk. it's slower than my overall goal but i want to make sure i stay injury free and make it through. i reserve the right to pick up the pace for the last mile if all is feeling good in the world.

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