Sunday, October 9, 2011

it's raining! it's raining! it's raning in texas!

i am so excited i cannot even spell the word raining properly the third time out

- bless the gods of the wet falling skies -
- rain is falling in texas -

 the rainwater harvesting collection tanks are finally seeing some action.  the smaller of the two tanks is full to the brim while the large has room to spare.  given our chances for continued rain today, it might just fill.  it is nice to breathe a long sigh of rain relief.

we might just see some green before year's end
wouldn't that be fine?
quick planting update to start the day off
white carrots
daikon radish
a winter cover crop of winter rye, annual rye, hairy vetch, crimson clover and field pea for areas of the yard that need a bit of building up.

i am still in need of kale - they are seeds i currently have not.

now it's off to the metal shed to prep the wee chickie nursery for the babes that arrive this week. 
i love this part of chickenmamahood

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