Friday, October 7, 2011

guess what i'll be cleaning up this weekend - wooohoooo!

it all starts here with darn good dirt and compost

 then you've got to flip it and turn it and soften the soil
this is the sweaty - cursing part
give your sweeties a bit of support
and some sweet sunshine

stop a while to admire the flowers

and eventually the messy bits will begin to look a bit more like paradise

what you see above are the hearty survivors of this now famous drought ridden steamy texas summer - pretty amazing if you ask me.

i am just getting started.  
the garden at present is really quite a mess but we'll get there.
baby steps - baby steps


Anonymous said...

What soil do you start off with in your raised garden bed?

shellywoman said...

I started the beds a number of years back using a mix of compost, manure, greensand, decomposed granite, dried molasses and organic garden fertilizer.

Now that the beds are up and running, I add composted chicken manure from the girls when I've got it on hand. If not I switch off between mushroom compost(bought locally from a mushroom farm) and/or composted manure (either from a local farm or in a bag).

I mulch with clipped grass. This time of year, I turn all of the grass clippings and my composted chicken manure into the soil until i get the fluffy dirt feel.

check with your local garden center. they may suggest a mix for your raised beds.

Anonymous said...

Thats vert helpful, and wished I would have not learned the hard way (but then how best do we learn?). I read "Square Foot Gardneing" book and used that soil mixture, which is light and fluffy, but terrible for our Southern Houston heat. I watered twice a day and it still wasn't enough. I think it was the vermiculite he suggested.