Saturday, October 8, 2011

a few steps forward

 - happy day - 

i built a new pair of brand spankin' compost bins - out of recycled/repurposed wood pallets of course.  for me, there is no other way.  it was time as the few that have been in service for the last five plus years had finally rotted away.  they did a fine job while they lasted and now they too are headed into recycle land.
 - check out these beauties -
looking mighty fine if i say so myself.  

i made the decision to pull out one of the garden beds in the east side garden.  it was a spot that always proved particularly dry and thus required a regularly scheduled frequent and deep watering that current drought conditions cannot support.  i pulled up the raised bed frame thinking i might be able to use it elsewhere but no - it too had served its time and was ready for the reuse universe.  the boards simply broke into smaller bits.  i can use them to edge other smaller garden beds or construct a happy toad, lizard lizard, buggy bug woody wood pile.  over time the boards will break down completely - it happens faster than you think - don't blink.

we do our best to make sure that nothing gets wasted around here.

oh my aching back!
today proved to be a turn the soil over until you can't turn the soil no more kind of day.
i got a good bit of soil turned over yet there is a good bit still in need of turning.  there's a nice mix of soil, grass clippings and composted chicken bedding along with any smallish pulled up plants and such from the hotty hot hot summer garden fry fest.

things are feeling fluffy and nice and should hold water quite well given we are blessed with a good soaking rain.

i relocated a few veggie plants from the outback shady garden.  three pepper plants and five swiss chards now reside in the sunyside east garden.  they are looking a bit wilty at the moment from the shock of the move.  fingers crossed they perk up in the next few days or so.

and just look at all that darn johnson grass growing between the beds
it never goes away

 some of the beds were blessed with mr. bunbuns fertile poopy poops and discarded alfalfa from his nibbling bits.  rabbit poo is safe just as it is for garden soil.  it need not be composted but you may compost it if you wish.  

just turn it in like everything else. 

 i moved the loverly lemon grass today after giving her a good haircut
she's now a featured beauty on the southside of the beds.

all the while 
i thought i was working hard
until i spied those busy buzzing ladies who work far harder than myself

beautiful bees
feeding and flying and feeding and flying
collecting fall's bounty for the benefit of the hive

so at current the garden is planted with
fall maters
swissy chards
greeny peppers
fragrant basils
rosey mary
millet spires
cheery chives

it is a bit slim for my liking as i feel this is a very late start for a fine fall garden
but you just can't beat the
heat oh heat oh heat

and now that the temps have cooled
the list for planting grows
- up next -
and more kale

! super exciting !

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