Wednesday, June 22, 2011

walkin' the fence - talk

yes indeed folks - the time has at long last arrived - hippychick is going to fix that darn fence.
and by fix i mean start replacing panels bit by bit as money allows.  it is the only way.  if i wait until i have all the money to fix the fence all at once it will never get fixed, it will simply fall over.  and we are very close to the falling over stage as it is.

just look at the lovely work the ants have sculpted from the runner boards - brilliant!

i plan to pick up the first sixteen panels today.  they will require priming and painting prior to installation or possibly a simple sealing natural stain.  i have not decided yet, i'll be investigating options in the next few days.  anyway the zen of the painting process will give me a bit of time to figure out the best way to piece by piece, break down the old fence before installing the new.

overall, the new fence will require twenty two panels as i live on a corner lot.  i think the twenty two also include my cutting one down for the making of gates.  i have not priced replacing the back and side yard fences yet.  i'm considering asking the neighbors if they wish to split the cost but not quite yet as the manual labor plate is plenty full up.

where am i purchasing the fence panels from?
the price is right and they are currently on sale
the material is pressure treated pine
the pickets are a bit further apart from one another than i would like but i'm thinking that i might install a thin vertical piece between pickets after all is installed.  time will tell

the old supporting uprights look to be in fine shape.  i'll need to make sure they are spaced properly and you all know the probability of that don't you?  uh, huh.  there's a good bit of cleaning up to do around the fence line as well.  a pesky batch of johnson grass has invaded the garden path.  and unlike other plants and seeds wilted by our just darn awful heat, johnson grass seems to thrive.  oh goody!  so i'll do my best to rip up the grass as best as i am able before setting in the new panels.

once it's complete it will be lovely i am sure.
anything worth while requires a whole lot of sweat and a fair amount of hard work.

baby steps, baby steps
here we go!
i am not sure that i have any idea what i am doing

fixin' that fence!

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Elizabeth said...

our fence is the pitts too..hubby crashed into one side with the boat and the other side is falling over from one of the hurricanes. I wish I had the energy to fix ours.
Peace and Raw Health,