Friday, June 17, 2011

update - applemaplenanazookeeni waits a day

hold your hats!  the applemaplenanazookeeni bread eggstravaganza is on hold for one day.  no need to worry, it's just that i got sidetracked out in the yard today and the cooking went by the wayside.

hippychick's new fishy pond
what could have distracted me so? our new fishyfishyfishfish containerpond.  nothing too fancy.  i converted a 100 gallon stock tank into a fish pond, added two types of lilies, a zebra rush and five ah ah ah, five lovely golden fish.  though most are orange, one is white and one is white with an orange cap.  we call her/him matchstick. 
here fishy fishy
a calm cool spot for relaxing with the fishies - side note - the kitties love to set upon the tree stump and view the fishies too - hey kitties need peace and a serene setting too - just as long as they keep their fishing paws out...

it is dinner time and there is a beautiful fresh tomato and feta cheese sandwich calling.  oh hello there! 

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