Thursday, June 30, 2011

hippychicks' rainwater universe is alive!!! now if only for a few drops...

it's alive!!!!!!!

hippychick's rainwater system is up and ready for the drops to fall
just a short bit of chat before i need to run about this thursday morn

  • 305 gallon tank - located on the west side of the house
  • 1000 gallon tank - located on the north side of the garage
  • both tanks will be used for garden only
  • both tanks are filtered using a duel method
    • the old feed bag on the end of the feeder pipe tool
      • yes seriously
    • a 16" screened sieve that securely sits in the top of the tank
      • this screen is far finer than the feed bag
    • the bottom spigot is where i will attach a hose to draw for daily use
    • the spigot to the left is the overflow 
      • follow the plumbing to the top and you will see how this keeps water from flowing over the top of the tank
      • i will attach a hose to each overflow spigot and feed it to water trees
        • which means i have some trench digging to do so as to keep it from freezing in the winter
          • though i will probably need to drain the tanks for part of the winter - i have not fully figured that out yet. 
    well i have to run but i will be back to explain and blather on some more.  cheers!  this has been a long time coming.  


    The Impulsive Texan said...

    Hey there Hippie Chick...I've been thinking of getting this done for years, so I'll have fresh rainwater for the garden. you've given me new inspiration and I'm going to start working on getting it done.

    Nice job on the project, it looks great!

    shellywoman said...

    good for you! I am happy to inspire. then again, the fact that the state of Texas is officially in a state of distaster due to drought conditions might prove inspirational all on it's own.

    cheers for every baby step you make.

    Anonymous said...

    Check out some of the Australian websites for water tanks ... we've been doing this for years. Almost all new homes built have water tanks built into them. Worth a look. Cheers Pauline