Tuesday, June 21, 2011

hippychick's midsummer bounty - summer veggie soup v.2

beautiful basil in the morning sun

color beyond that which i imagined - how lovely to see the fresh and mighty power of homegrown goodies

so what to do with it all?  well today produces a second batch of summer veggie soup easy to serve both hot or chilled - your choice. this round more simple to prepare than the last.

summer veggie soup v.2

  • collect your veggies and rough chop them into healthy chunks
    • use what you have
    • i don't peel my veggies - i know they are organic
      • if you are not sure of where your veggies come from, you might wish to peel them
  • fine chop a small butternut squash - this will impart amazing flavor to the soup
    • cut them up smaller so that they will cook at the same rate as the more water filled soft veggies like summer squash and eggyplant
  • fine chop an onion, pepper and garlic
  • throw it all in a pot
  • add one quart of stewed maters
    • i am using my own canned maters from 2o1o
  • add enough water to just below the top of your veggies in the pot
  • place the heat on medium high
  • heat until the pot reaches a slow but steady simmer
  • spice it up as you like
    • my stewed maters were already spiced so i'm adding none outside of a good dollop of fresh made pesto
  • simmer for 10 minutes
  • cover the pot with a well fitting cover
  • turn the stove burner off
  • allow the pot to set a good hour covered - DO NOT PEEK - for a good hour so that the pot can cook itself
    • this allows the veggies to steam through, keeping your veggies firm and fresh. 
test the goods after one hour.  they should be done.  
  • if not return the pot to a simmer and complete the cooking process or return the pot to a simmer, cover and turn the heat off for a second steaming through. i prefer turning the heat off method myself.  I find the flavors nicer and the firmness of the veggies more delightful.  
serve hot or chilled.  enjoy!

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more of today's going ons 

i did a good bit of cooking this morning.  i try to do the meat of the cooking if there is any to be done in the morning when it's cool.  in addition, i've been mixing up a number of meals and sides that require no cooking at all which is nice in this hot spell of a summer.
  • hijiki salad
    • mix up water, rice wine vinegar, maple syrup, hot chili sesame oil, lemon juice, add in the dried hijiki seaweed then add fresh chopped cucumber and chopped fresh cabbage.  make enough of the liquid mixture to fully hydrate the hijiki. it's usually a 3 liquid to 1 hijiki ratio but can be as great at a 4:1 ratio.  chill for several hours - i let it sit overnight so that all flavors mingle then enjoy!
  • cracked bulgur wheat and tomato salad
    • hydrate your cracked wheat & bulgur wheat.  they require a 2:1 ratio water to grain.  you could do it the slow way (i use the slow method myself) - set things out in a bowl overnight or you could bring the necessary amount of water to a boil, turn off the heat, add the wheat, cover and let set for 20 minutes.  once your grains are hydrated chop fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and herbs.  use as much as you wish.  mix in your veggies with add a good dash of lemon juice.  some folk like a good dash of olive oil too.  i add a small bit of salt and pepper and often chopped garlic.  spice it up as you wish.  today has a good amount of finely chopped basil freshly cut from the garden this morning.  it's good to allow the salad to set overnight so that all flavors mix.  if you find the salad too dry, add just a bit of water or veggie juice to soften it up. if you find the mixture too wet, you could add a bit more of bulgur wheat and let it set for a good 30 minutes to soften in the juice.  chill and enjoy!
  • baked another squash based quick bread
    • this time with zucchini, home fermented almond milk, drunken figs harvested and prepped here at home, corn meal, fine semolina flour, finely chopped ginger, fresh organic eggs from the backyard ladies, coconut oil and maple syrup gifted to me from a far away friend, baking soda and baking powder.
    • i did not measure - i used the amount of zucchini as my base measure and fudged it from there.  i do a lot of cooking this way.  not really helpful for the sharing of recipes i know, sorry.  
    • it turned out great!  
    • some hints - find yourself a good cornbread recipe. substitute almond milk for milk, substitute zucchini for corn, substitute, figs and maple syrup for sugar, substitute coconut oil for oil and follow the rest.  experimenting is fun.  see what you come up with.
  • began to clean out the garage
    • oh boy this baby is dusty.  i did get a good bit in order but there is even more to do.  this could be a longer term project.  
  • watered and fed the creatures
  • added water to the fishy ponds
  • mowed the back lawn a bit 
    • this is a very small patch of grass - so not a very impressive task
  • cleaned up the tin shed coop which is now serving as a storage shed - why not?
  • swept the walkways about the place
    • with a free roaming rooster, the walk ways get a bit mussed up regularly
 that's pretty much it if you don't count feeding the various cultures i have going in the kitchen which is quite a number as of late
  • kombucha - 2 varied batches
  • san fransisco sour dough
  • milk kefir
  • water kefir
  • ginger beer
it is time to start a few fresh batches of kraut.  if not this week, next for sure.

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