Monday, June 20, 2011

dry as a bone with wind and heat a plenty

we are set and ready for fire.
this place is matchbox.
this place being central texas.

we have been in extreme drought conditions for a good while now.
burn bans are in effect.
water conservation matters.
we are feeling the effects of no rain in a deep hard way.

we pray for droplets to fall from the sky sometime soon
real soon

until then we keep our fingers crossed
and watch
fire watch activity site.

this is a very interesting site.  it shows fires that are newly active (red) and those that have been burning for more than a few days (yellow).  you can move your cursor over the fire icon and it will give you information about the county where the fire is, on which day the fire was first reported and it's current state of containment.  it does not give all the details but it sure helps to have one site where a whole number of folk are sharing information.

it's good to see fire folk, nature conservation folk and police folk all working together on this one.  i think it will prove quite helpful in the big picture the of who, what, where and how long questions given a fire can instigate enough chaos all on it's own. better for those who are fighting it to be coming from a similar brain trust.

the fact is that there will be more fires
let's hope the fires are small,
the wind takes a break when a new fire breaks out
that all those fighting to contain the burn remain safe and healthy.

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The SassyChiken said...

Ugh... It IS awful, and I'm even further south in Texas than yourself (Corpus Christi) although we do get advantage of the sea breezes. But right now the breezes are hot and dry, wrecking havoc on my baby grape & blackberry vines :-/