Thursday, May 12, 2011

hippychick is looking for your input!

hippychick's goodie goods is happy to announce 
- british pub style pickled eggs -
 - german style pickled eggs -

two questions -
1. would you eat pickled eggs?
2. what would you like in them?
i'm trying to get a feel for the market. 
thank you

*inspired of course by my dear sweet mr. lippy, the brits i share time with at the footie gatherings and my own german linked family folk.

in other pickle news - 

just today, i put up a small but lovely batch of local goodie goods
  • 5 quarts of pickled green beans
    • thanks to my neighbor for the sharing of his greeny beany bounty
  • 1 quart and 4 pints of pickled cucumbers
  • 2 quarts of pickled carrots 
it's nice to know that we'll be enjoying these gardeny goods for many days yet to come. 


The Impulsive Texan said...

I'm partial to pickled eggs that have a "bite". Add a bit of jalapeno' adds a great zing to the eggs!

Elizabeth said...

not sure on the eggs but the veggies yes!!
Peace and Raw Health,