Wednesday, May 25, 2011

givin' meself a good ole' heave and a ho!

the big update is coming folks 
- i have much to share - 
 i've just been taking a bit of a breather from the daily blogging to catch up with tasks about the place and to spend time pondering. 

soon i'll be sharing the new plantings, the plans for the season, musings from my new farmy volunteering experiences, bits and drabs of my pondering mind and blather that only i might ever be amused by and of course pictures of my most amazing niece, miss hazel, the chickenychicas, wabbitwabbit, the hippychick buzzing bees and the kitties (we've got a new fellow) all who run the place and run me as well.

 and for those of you who have been here a while
- the darn fence still needs fixing -
and that leads to finances
i am sure many are finding belts growing tighter and tighter
here too
so i'll share with you my wee efforts to 
make life full when the checkbook is near to empty

summer is here
it's time i give meself a good ole' heave and a ho
share the daily blunders, fumbles and phew! good thing that worked moments
once again


1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

hope you have a wonderfully productive summer. Look forward to reading all about it.
Peace and Raw Health,