Thursday, April 7, 2011

little bits here, little bits there

here we are, early april, and already the temperatures touch the high tips of the 80˚'s reaching up to tickle the little toes of the 90˚s. degrees fahrenheit that is and i say too soon. 

please oh please slow this warming down.  bring us cool breezes, bring us wet rain.  regardless of my pleas, the temperatures will rise, the dry winds will continue to blow and the humidity will slowly creep in and muddle my wary mind. 

and yes, it is true, the springy gardeny goods will soon shoot to seed.  short are the days of fresh lettuce greens.  the broccoli's and kholrabis are all in flower and the khol crop loving wormy worms are feasting nightly on their now polka dotted leafy bits.  let them feast!, i say, better on a crop heading out than on a crop coming in.

up are the wee okra seedlings, up are the melon and cucumbery vines.  the squashes are filling out quickly hogging up space and shading gentle herbs in company.  it is mere moments before the squashes flower and send out their invitation for a honeybee's visit.  several of the maters have flowered.  the sooner the better.  better to set in the cooler of days than to struggle in temperatures not friendly for fruiting.  the pole beans are climbing and flowering too - it should not be too long til one can enjoy a few for a crunchy breakfast treat.

the peachy trees and one of the two apple trees are loaded loaded loaded.  i only hope now for rain to prevent a great fruit drop.  they know to keep only that which they can support.  and with the donations to the drop and the donations to the squirrels the numbers might fall quite quickly.  

the figgy fig tree has finally set - her first fit of fruit since planting in three years back.  i guess then it makes sence that the first fit of fruit numbers only three. one for a squirrel, one for lippy and maybe, fingers crossed, one for me. 

the garden is pretty much planted and for the most part, going strong.  soon i'll pull the last of the khol crops.  for now i keep them in, allowing them to set flower and lure for the goody good bugs in to feed on pests and such.  

i spotted a toady toad sheltered beneath the onion tops just last night.  toads are always welcome folk around these parts.  wee garden snakes too and let me tell you, i've seen a good number of them this year. don't be surprised if you are passing by and you hear a bit of squeal.  sometimes they do catch me off guard and i prove a bit girly.  as long as i know where they are then we are fine.  it's the sneaking up bit that startles me.

the artichokes have hit a boom.  two leaves to six leaves to eight leaves and going.  the basil beneath peeks through as it may, slow and steady she grows.  oh how sweet the pesto will be - soon enough, soon enough and soft sweet steamed chokes - oh my.

there is much yet to do around the place.  with wind and heated air, soil protection takes priority.  mulching is tops on the list and we have plenty to mulch.  this year, i am prepared.  i kept three large compost piles going through the winter and all are ready for spreading.  one has been set out leaving two at the ready waiting only for my efforts. 

i set out the laundry line this past weekend.  the old line had seen it's last days and needed replacing.  i chose a simple cotton rope line this round.  the sun took too much of a toll of the plastic coated steel line of late.  cotton will not rust.  nothing like fresh rust stains on clean, just off the line, clothing. 

and there is the painting of the house, the never ending "gotta fix the fence" and the improvement of the rainwater system.  there is also the cleaning of the garage, the changing of the chicken bedding, the cleaning of the home i reside in and so on.   it keeps life interesting.  for now though, bits and pieces are checked off as time allows.  baby steps forward, never at all bad.

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