Friday, April 1, 2011

hippychick photos today hippychick chatter tomorrow

greens and chards freshly harvested from the garden 

chard ever so lovely

argh! me spinach is looking mighty strong

cheery chives - this is a good hair day!

onions conducting the garden symphony

beets, beet greens, whichever get eaten first they be

a poppy so colorfilled it set my camera in a tizzy

there is never enough chard in the garden for my taste

sweet mesclun greens

lilypads of the garden way - nasturtium

the once barren keyhole garden built from compost now bursts with growth

sage in bloom

melon and millet pop out from the compost

my very first roo says hippychick, i think it might be time for a bit of a mow

volunteer sunflowers are always welcome

apples blushing on the tree

comfrey sets to flower - oh how pleased the bees will be

the ladies enjoy their beautiful herbs


Elizabeth said...

Everything looks so lovely. I just love your set up there!! I wish I was courageous enough to raise some chickens for eggs.
I harvested my chard today early b/c some small black and yellow grasshoppers were munching on it. Bummer!
Peace and Raw Health,

shellywoman said...

did you pull the whole plant or trim off leaves? if you trimmed off leaves, it will grow more. try spraying with a seaweed and/or garlic solution. it might set the freeloaders off.