Sunday, April 17, 2011

greens and reds and yellows and pinks are good for you

we munching home grown goodie goods today!

chard ribs of green and red and yellow and pink,
chard greens which are indeed green, beets of crimson red
beet greens which are not green at all.
*above - chard ribs from fordhook giant silverbeet *
- chard - silverbeet - swiss chard -
the names you may know this lovely green by may vary
the goodness is always there in each and every one 
whatever you choose to call it

 i separate the chard ribs from the greens and wash them apart from one another.  it makes the cleaning of the chard that much easier.  rather than having to juggle huge (some at 3' in length) leaves and ribs dripping wetness all over the ribs wash neatly from the leaves and the whole lot drains and dries easily. 

*i would be cutting the leaves from the ribs before cooking anyway.*

today i am slow roasting the chard ribs and the beet roots.
above are chard ribs on the left and sauteed greens on the right

i saute the greens no longer than it takes to make them tender
they'll steam themselves as they wait for serving.

i have just bathed the chard ribs with a bit of organic tamari and light rice wine and topped the whole with a sprinkle of black sesame seeds.  
the smell is killing me
oh my, oh my

the beets are simply slow roasted
i coated the bottom of a ceramic pan with olive oil then placed the beats into the pan.  i sprinkled just a bit of sea salt and black pepper over the top. 
that's it!

i slow roast most of my veggies with the oven at 350˚f
i keep and eye out for tenderness
if you try this at home, just be aware that the chards will cook much much faster than the beets.
it is a density thing.

- eat homegrown -

if you don't yet grow your own or don't have the space to do so

- eat local -

the taste will make you happy.  homegrown and local taste better.  it is true.

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