Saturday, April 16, 2011

and then there are days when you just need to put it all away and get your selfly soul out of doors

it's been pretty crazy lately in our efforts to balance our off the wee homestead jobs, farmy-gardeny-beekeeping duties, home needs, relaxation, sleep and exercising needs as well as sharing proper time with our creature family and with one another.   
it ain't easy but we're doing it as well as we are able.  everyone appears quite content.  i know for sure they are well fed and we give scratches and loving as often as time allows.  how could we resist with such cuties around the place.  
some of us have things of our own to do

some of us are too busy enjoying a morning snooze to be bothered for a trifle photo

and then there are the patrol duties.  one must always be aware of one's environment you know.

but every once in a while one must quench one's thirst.  and the theory around here goes, "if those big upright feedy people can drink from the faucet then so can i".  

yup that's mr. t gathering a bit of drink from his "in the sink" water dish.  you see mr. t also known as teabags like to give his water a good splash before and after his drinking.  we feedy people made efforts at all sorts of splashing water containment tricks to no avail.  so... we simply placed the kitty water dish in the sink and walla!  every body's happy.  

so what's this mess?  
well this mess is about to go into the garden with fingers crossed for happy growth. this mess is a mix of butternut squash seed, one mango seed, crunchied up eggy shells, lemon peels, red rooibos tea grinds and cucumber bits - these seeds got it good, calcium and nutrients at the ready.

here's a better look.
yup it's just a day's bit of compost but good planting compost it is.  so in the ground it goes.  

i have decided that since mr. man is out working as a kiddo wrangler on a film shoot that i am going to put all jobby work aside and focus on out of door duties.  it will be fun.  i'll be cleaning old bedding out of chicken coops and setting new bedding in.  this means at least 20+ garden carts of bedding moved from coop to composting piles - probably a few more than that but i'll keep it at twenty so as not to get discouraged.  

the good news is that old chicken bedding equals super fantastic compost for the garden in a few month's time. 

so enough with my blathering, i need to head out, pick up new bedding and then get to shoveling.  i know, you're jealous.  try to deal with your feelings as best you can.  ha ha.  

enjoy your weekend folks. 

just remember to think twice before you trash those ready and waiting garden seeds.  they may not all sprout, but a few might and there's nothing wrong in using the whole vegetable.  you could get lucky with a buy one get 2 or 10 speical!

waste not want not.
you know the drill.


Elizabeth said...

Great post. Too funny, I literally just posted my post on constucting our compost bin with the children!
Peace and Raw Health,

shellywoman said...

cool! the universe in sync. it's that time of year for transforming the old to new. cheers for teaching your kiddos the way of the compost pile.