Wednesday, March 9, 2011

thank you mr. mawby

mr. mawby, a fellow kind of heart, thoughtful in mind and of great strength has joined the hippychick forces.

indeed at this very moment, mr. mawby is running the place and very much looking forward to my return.  hectic is the word he's used to describe the experience and i believe it is!

he's a good soul and one i hope will be a part of the place for a long while.  thank you for keeping all healthy and happy, mr. mawby.  i'll be home soon mr. feedyman.

here he is sharing some love with the local ponies.  as you can see, the ponies were in great awe of the fantastic chelsea scarf hippychick had knitted special for mr. mawby. 

life is good in the hippychick universe.

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