Tuesday, March 22, 2011

lovelies from the spring garden - it's what's for dinner

well it's getting close to the time in texas when the khol crops begin to show signs of BOLT-age, damn!

the temperatures are climbing and the khol babies find it just too darn hot.  in an effort for survival the kiddos send out flowering stocks.  and every gardener knows - if you see flower stocks forming and you still want to eat that veggie something, well then you better eat it today because if you don't... 

a good veggie can nearly overnight turn from tender and sweet to hard and woody.

so in light of this harsh but natural reality, i harvested a good four kholrabit today in an effort to enjoy their sweet and crisp tenderness before the heat and sun robbed me of such joy.

are they not beautiful?  are they not HUGE?  oh yes indeed they are.
lucky for me, they were still crunchy good.  there are others that i would love to see grow larger but i fear they may not have the opportunity to do so as the heat will send them to bolt and flower faster.  

not a problem.  i can only guess that the flowers will prove excellent for seducing and luring goodie good good bugs of the local universe for a look see.  one can never have enough goodie good bugs about a garden so let's hope once lured that they'll stay on for a good while.

on top of seduction of the goodies, i hope to move closer to saving our own texas grown kholrabi seed.

in addition to the kholrabi, i was able to pull in a good harvest of chard.  the colors of the ribs are rainbow in color.  the leaves are crinkled and turgid.
this batch was cooked up for dinner
- oh my -

i am telling you folks, there is nothing like eating out of your very own garden.  the freshness is spectacular.  

and if you don't believe me, ask the girls!
they were gifted with all the gardeny bits and leftovers after the harvest for the dinner bits were sorted out and set to cleaning in the kitchen.  

 i don't have the photo but had you been around 20 minutes after the greens were you gifted, you would have seen NOTHING!  these ladies munched down the green goodies so fast your hair would stand on end. 

the moral of this story
garden goods are yummy
and disappear quick
so be ready
and enjoy
cause when the goods is ready
quick action on the gardener's part is required
grow - harvest - enjoy - preserve

- tomorrow - 
salad greens, comfrey, mesclun mix, romaine and more!

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