Monday, March 7, 2011

hippychick's garden spring 2o11

bloomin' apples so soft and loverly
 - today's photos curtesy of mr. mawby -
then there are all of the other jobby jobs mr. mawby has filled while hippychick is on the road
here's a not so short list
* * * * *
gardeny watererman
kitty captain
bunbun carrot delivery person
mr. overall creature feedyman
egg collector
egg washer
egg delivery man
hippychick goodie goods delivery and stock fellow

this is quite miraculous considering the fact that 
mr. mawby also works a full time plus jobby job of his own

thank you so very much sweet darling
the creatures love their feedyman
of this i am sure

and so do i

apple apple i wonder will the trees fill out at last this very year?

a most beautiful easter egging sweetheart
kale and violet kholrabi babies popping up all over
peachy blossoms oh so beautiful and blue the sky
chards, kholrabi and onions enjoying a bit of a shower
beans from compost - hello!
lettuces lettuces - oh boy i cannot wait to get myself back home!
peachy beauty
rooroo daddy slick and sexy... oooh
oh i wonder what this wee volunteer will be peeking up through the scruff off your boots matt

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