Thursday, March 24, 2011

hippychick is a bee friendly farmer - check it out!


Pursuing collaborative approaches between farmers, growers, beekeepers and scientists to develop ways to improve health of honey bees in pollination services and support native pollinators.

The "Bee Friendly Farming" initiative is an important means of raising consumer recognition and support for helping bees by (1) recognizing those who provide bee habitat, and/or (2) supporting bees by purchasing farm products and local honey bearing the "Bee Friendly Farmer" logo.  Click Here for a 2-page description including photos.  Click Here to download the UPDATED BFF Brochure.  NEW!!!  Check out the Bee Friendly Farming Map and Facebook page!
"Bee Friendly Farmer" is an inclusive term that is intended to recognize Bee Friendly anyone who supports bees directly or indirectly--farms, ranches, businesses, schools, local governments, nonprofits, gardeners and beekeepers.

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Sassychiken said...

I love this!!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! :-)