Sunday, March 27, 2011

eating cheap and healthy in nyc

 so far:  i have managed well

airport - 2 side salads
  • iceburg lettuce with one sad chunk of tomato and some fairly good cucumber
    • i ditched the onions
  • no dressing - rather a dash of salt and pepper
  • $5.50
  • i had to search these out but now that i know where to find them, i'm set for future.
on the plane
  • unsalted cashews
  • popcorn chips - try these!
    • low sodim, low fat and fairly low cal
  • seltzer water
    • free - i love you jetblue!
    in the city
    • prefix dinner $28 - the fairway grocery - upper west side
      • watercress/endive salad with roasted beets and local blue cheese
        • again no dressing
      • steamed spinach with garlic
      • fire grilled salmon
      • rustic apple tart
        • love this - mostly sliced apples on a very thin tart like filo thing - most apples
      • pot of green tree
    • breakfast
      • tea in the hotel room
        • free tea bags and coffee maker in room
      • dried organic prunes from fairway market
        • $2.30
      • don't judge me, keeping the universe in shape here
    • lunch
      • take out from wholefoods
        • baked organic tofu w/sesame seeds
        • squid salad
        • total $5.36
      • super green juice from trader joes
        • total $2.59
    • snacks
      • lara jocolat bars
        • have not cracked them open yet but ready when the need strikes
        • $2.19 each
      • organic dark chocolate bar
        • gotta have it - wee bits munched at a time
        • $1.99
    exercise - a whole lot of walking

    i've got plenty of goods between the bars and prunes to get me through the day.  i may not partake in dinner this eve as i'll be part of an event that will provide munchies for the showing up.

    don't get me wrong - there are many great restaurants here that are incredibly tempting - but i'm doing my best to watch my dollars and to watch what i eat.  things are tight - my budget and my pants and i am working to make both feel a bit more free and easy as the days pass by.  determination and control - stick with me now.

    last bits sunday evening - dim sum
    • ollies seaweed salad $3.95
    • har kow (steamed shrimp dumpling) $3.95
    and done!
    could have been a lot worse - upon quick reflection - it might do me some good to track all out of town meals in this way as it keeps economy and choice at the forefront of the brain.

    side note:  even in the watching of what i eat i feel bloaty.  i am sure it is the salt in the preparation of the foods and who knows what else.  it could also be that i am not drinking nearly as much water as i do when at home and/or a combination there of.

    regardless - home is near - the bag is packed - now i just have to make sure i make it to the curb for my most exciting 4:05am airport shuttle pick up - hooray!  ahhhhhhh... not so much.

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