Tuesday, February 1, 2011

next to the girls, i'm quite a wimp

it's blowing and it's cold - real cold for these parts of texas.  we're looking at a possible goose egg this eve.  yes indeed a full out drop to o˚.  we have not seen that kind of drop for a while. 

yesterday, we enjoyed a balmy near 70˚ degree afternoon.  today's high hit a chilly 32˚ with 2o-3o mile an hour winds making it feel even better.  tonight's low is predicted at 11˚ with wind chill at o˚. 

this might just slow down the garden's progress a bit.
ya, think?

i would have liked to have left the gardens uncovered one additional night as there was promise for rain but in consideration of the freezing consequences, i took to watering the garden myself.  once watered,  i took the time to tuck the gardens in while the temperatures were still in the warmish zone.  nice for the hands and fingers.  i tell you it's tough to tighten row cover when your fingers and hands are chilly cold.  i made sure to hard clip and weigh down the row cover as the weather was also predicting 4o+ mile an hour winds. nice try small fry.

the wind began to blow and blow and blow harder.  the row cover stayed secure to the hoops without a problem but the weights were lifted up and pretty much tossed aside by morning.  guess who purchased a few more clips and secured each and every corner of the row cover today?
i heard a pretty large thump later in the eve but quickly fell back to slumber figuring it a tree branch or some other like object rattling at the roof.  but with morning light it was quickly discovered that the screws on a gate support board had let go allowing the gate to fly open releasing that part of the gate for a bit of a flight. the flighty bits first collided into my beloved subaru then over the short picket fence for a final landing next to the east side garden.  a good 15-25 foot travel due south.  that's a darn strong north wind!

luckily, the subaru escaped with a only dent to call for injury.  no broken glass and/or no major scratches were discovered which proves surprising considering there were several large screws protruding from the boards of the flying type. so with a bit of cleaning up and three 2x4's for lateral support, the gate appeared once again harmless - we'll see how that goes as this weather is to continue for the next four days.  fingers crossed my "in the short term" fix, works for at least that long. 

the rest of the place looked ok until i came round to the chickeny coops.  here i found a bit of roof ripped up.  again wind being the suspected cause.  i made to securing the roof bits as i could and weighted things down as i was able.  i then worked a bit on bun bun's world.  he needed extra protection from the biting wind so i wrapped a double folded tarp around his residence and tacked it in good. he should be pretty comfortable now.  he's got a good bit of hay to burrow in and good cover from the biting chill.  he's situated on the south side of the chicken coop which is good as the coops breaks the nasty north wind for him.  just the same, i'll need to check on his water in the morning to make sure it's not frozen solid.  in fact i'll have to do that for all creatures; chickens, wabbits, kitties and wild birds alike. 

i set out heat lamps for the chickenychicas. they are pretty sturdy girls but when the temperature moves from 7o˚ to o˚ in one day, well then they need a bit of adaptation assistance.  i worry a bit for alfie's comb.  she's a white leghorn and her lovely flippy floppy comb was showing a bit of frostbite on a tip.  i gave it a good rub with vaseline for protection but she hates the feel of the stuff and quickly got to rubbing it off beneath her wings. i can't blame her but i can't protect her either if she's sans a protective layer.  i'll need to check her again the morning and perhaps slather on another dose.  most of the other girls have combs tight to the head which makes them less susceptible to frost bite. 

the chill does not seem to deter the ladies from romping about out of doors, nor does it seem to deter their daily chatter.  i find it all pretty amazing.  next to the girls, i'm quite a wimp.  well we'll see how all goes tonight. fingers crossed, i've done enough on my end.  if not, i'll be sure to make corrections tomorrow.
for all of you folk north of our parts - here's wishing you well in these tough storms.  be safe.

*photos shared from a  trip taken to antarctica years back*
* pretty * pretty *