Tuesday, January 4, 2011

hope is alive!

the garden she grows slow this winter season
she needs her more compost
she needs her vital nutrients
yet still she grows
though slow she she grows
hope is alive
she strives
though hungry not starved 
hope is alive
wee carrots and oreganos holding court
romaine lettuces, cilantro and wee baby chards

mustard greens - future chickeny and wabbitwabbit treats

rowcovers pulled back for a bit of sunny sunshine

kales and lettuces

some bodies are munching on me kale and it's not this body!

taters still going...

beets between the carrots - a planting i thought had failed - hello!

the little eggyplant that could

more leaf munching - eiiii gads!

artichoke - older leaves and new leaves - a beautiful creature

ah la la la!  favas!

kholrabi - slowly but surely

chards - a hippychick favorite

a soft and cushy path is always appreciated

ah the little ones - they always capture my heart


Sharon said...

I've been considering a garden, it seems like such a large task, but your posts are very inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Greens in January! How does that happen?

Stay cool!