Monday, December 13, 2010

homegrown handcrafted gifty gifts

hippychick is knitting...
hippychick would love to show you what she is knitting alas the impending hollyday gifting keeps her from sharing so.  

are you crafting goods for folks?  
homemade means so very much.  

it need not be big homemade, it need not be expensive homemade.  all it needs is you, your heart and a bit of time.  for many time is the hardest bit to find.  see if you can come up with a something you can create while watching t.v. or in the minutes just before your beddy nitenites or maybe something that could be crafted while on a lunchy break.

cookies are homemade and most folk love cookies.
well known fact - really it's best if you test a few to make sure the quality is where you wish it to be.
if you run short of time, make a friend or a loved one some yummy cookies.

your next mission then?
find out what kind of cookies your friendly folk enjoy. 

i hope to enjoy a few cookies with this coookiemonster real soon.
 cheers peeples!

- post script -
*share your crafty bits, please! i'd love to see your handywork*

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