Monday, December 6, 2010

golden pasta brightens the hippychick day

i rolled out a bit of pasta this morning.  it had been a long while since i had been able to afford the time to do so.  what a pleasure it is to feel the texture of the dough between my fingers, to enjoy the light shining through the window casting it's golden glow upon the pasta ribbons and to breath in fresh smell of that which is truly homemade.

 bit by bit i rolled and cut and carefully draped them upon my clothes/pasta drying rack.  hey why not?  the rack works for both dandily!

the pasta's color was near orange thanks to the combination of my girls' beautiful eggs and semolina flour. the dough proved elastic but firm after a night's rest in the fridge.

i used whole wheat flour to keep the dough from sticking to knives, the pasta maker and from fellow bits of pasta.  a light dusting did the trick.  
i then allow the pasta to dry about half way.  i need it dry enough to keep from adhering to other bits of pasta when i prep it for storage.  if i let it dry too long the bit of pasta that wraps over the drying rack will often break and send pasta plummeting to the floor which is always a tragedy.  

the pasta is now safely resting and drying further in a very large wooden bowl.  it will set quietly until fully dry.  once dry it will live happily in a glass jar until hunger strikes. 
ooh how i love my pasta, i love my pasta i do. 

simple food, simple preparation
and oh so good for you
don't eat too much now!
too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing

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