Friday, December 10, 2010

ain't no such thing as time off around here

there are days when the initial anticipation of busy is trumped by a full day of busier and busier.  we've had a couple three four of those days in a row here at the hippychick universe.

no big surprise, we have no trouble keeping ourselves busy around these parts.  if we are not working at our formal jobbie jobs, we are gardening, tending chickens, bunnies, kitties, maybe even ourselves.  we might be making foods, fixing bits up, helping neighbors and friends, you name it, we keep busy.

yesterday proved a busier kind of day.  there was the caring for neighbors pups and kitties, there was the trip south and up to austin to help out my man, there was the hippychick's bit of breathing fresh air trip way far northwest, then there was a trip way south again and then back home, i was all over.  between each trip, i checked on puppies - out the door, in the door and off to nappyland.

the weather was good so i was able to get in some gardening.  i pulled and replanted a good number of violet  and green kohlrabi starts from my starter bed to a new give them a bit more elbow room bed.  i did the same with bright lights chard, several lettuces burgundy and green romaine, coriander, cauliflower and broccoli.   then i gave the newly planted starts a good watering in and mulched the babies.  everybody is cozy.

then a dinner visit with neighbors.  then back home to some cleaning up.  then woosh crash at last sleepyland.  the man worked even later than i poor thing.  and as soon as we hit the sack the morning alarm sounded - our two roosters announcing the day.  coffee, cleaning up a few kisses and we're off again.  a new day and no shortage of tasks on the docket.

i, packing eggs for an 11am market delivery, feeding hungry egg laying chickeny girls, delivering the daily carrot to bun bun and printing labels for the kombucha i'll be bottling at the market kitchen.  i'll also be checking the progress of my latest batch of hippychick's goodie good old style slow ferment raw krauts.  i love the smell of kraut. stop me now as i could easily digress to the beauty of kraut.

there is hay and feed to pick up from the feed store.  there is garage cleaning that needs doing.  there is painting and digging and oh the dusty dirty list goes on.  the laundry is laundering.  the dishes are washed and drying.  it's only yet myself that could yet use a good scrubbing this day. i ponder, scrub now or scrub later?  i guess i ought to scrub now in consideration of other folk in the universe, especially the market folk who i'll be meeting with firstly today.

once the market chores are complete, it's back to the homestead for chores.  it will be a good day.  the sun is shining.  the air is cool and fresh and the creatures are out and about chirping and cooing happy sounds.

so off we go and soon i'll be back again.

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