Friday, September 3, 2010

introducing hippychick's living n-t-tea!

hippychick's living n-t-tea
a.k.a. booch tea

is now available at 
people's pharmacy
located at
3801 south lamar
austin texas

hippychick has brewed up three great probiotic tastes to explore

ginger booch - a bright lemony bite!
kombooch booch - for those who prefer their goods untouched
red roo booch - red rooibos fresh with a smooth earthy finish

each and every small batch is hand crafted, tested, bottled and labeled by hippychick her self
*labels designed by hippychick too in the case you were wondering*

head on down to south lamar and give us a taste!
and and and
keep your eye out for fresh new seasonal flavors
they are a comin' - just you wait

share the love
hippychick's living n-t-tea

"how's that for a bit of self promotion?"
hippychick's gardens is a hand to hand sustainable adventure

would you like to carry hippychick's living n-t-tea at your local to bastrop and austin area business?
we strive to support and promote local folk, local business and local thinking.  
give us a hollar at

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Ruth said...

Hello Michelle I really like your blog and wish you could email me a link or a recipe to make my own bars of soap. I figure youv'e done it before.