Sunday, August 29, 2010

mo' honey

yup, i harvested more honey.  this time from the front hive, also known as hive number two.  how much?  55 pounds even.  as every good market seller should, i made sure to test the product.  

all i've got to say is, "may i have some more please"?
now to bottle, label and transport to market.
no not all of it, a good bit stays home.  i'm not that crazy!

honey totals for 2010 (so far...)
hive one - 87lbs
hive two - 95lbs
most excellent

i placed (re-placed depending on how you look at it) two supers full with frames with fresh wax foundation on hive number one.  my bees do not like the plastic frames.  they want the real thing so i give it to them.  i don't blame them.
note to all beekeepers - give your bees what they want.  the rewards are worth the investment.   
they are busy flying and working quite steadily like happy bee creatures do.  in fact they had filled all supers and frames before i arrived in for this latest harvest.  with no available frames, the bees had gone forward, built their own comb structure and filled the top feeder with capped honey.  i harvested just at space was waning.  i left the top feeder honey comb as it was.  it will provide food for the bees so they might feed themselves and/or new brood with the goods.   looks like i'll have to check in on them more often.  healthy bees are productive, speedy bees.

the back hive, hive number one, is in need of frames so i've got to spend some time today cleaning out those frames i just harvested from, load them in supers and place them on the hive.  we've had real dry weather as of late but the activity has not slowed.  i hope that by the end of the day all will be dandy in hippychick bee-landy.

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