Wednesday, August 18, 2010

mild tingly sweet alive - hippychick's dreamy kraut

all i can say is wow!  and a big big thank you

never did this hippychick dream that the process of introducing the great, wondrous and yummy universe of living raw sauerkraut to folk at the bastrop producers market could be so much fun.

i wondered and worried that the goods might not be appreciated for the great good that they are.  cabbages somehow live in the bad rap universe for some - i was on a mission to turn that around.

the good news is...

the good folk of the market have informed me that there is no need to worry - folks are eating the stuffs up including myself. i have started a new habit of enjoying kraut for early morning breaking fast.  yup hippychick eats kraut for breakfast - what can i say.

i like the zing!  and it tastes darn good!  what more do you want?

granted the group i'm working with are folk who care about their food, food sources, their own health and local economies.  how the kraut would fly in a larger community has yet to be tested.  nonetheless...

i spent a bit of time at the bastrop producers market saturday last sharing samples with the good folk of the market.   i was there, for the purposes of my own product research.  the sauerkrauts had been on the shelf for a few weeks and i was curious to learn how folks felt about the product and how/if i could improve and/or modify the product to better please folk.  turns out, so far anyway,  that folk enjoy each of the products just the way they are.  now that is really good news

here's how the day went.  i set out the goods.

 - raw easy being green kraut - 
organic green cabbage, organic green peppers, organic sea salt, coriander seed and celery seed.
- raw ultra-violet jumping juniper kraut - 
organic red cabbage, organic onions, organic sea salt, fresh ginger, caraway seed, coriander seed and juniper berries.
- raw cabbage 'n' carrot kraut - 
organic green cabbage, organic carrots, organic sea salt, caraway seed, coriander seed and celery seed.
at start, many folks looked me in the eye apologetically and said
"i am not really a sauerkraut person"
i was not discouraged.  i was there to listen.
i gave them a taste and imagine my pleasure when the next words heard were

"wow!  this is sauerkraut - ooh that's good!"  

or the

"can i try that cool looking ultra-violet ginger kraut next?" 

or the

"wow this tingles on my tongue, ooh feels good!" 

and my favorite
"you're going to keep this coming at the market i hope" 

well the answer is

yes indeed! i will keep the hippychick kraut coming.  

it is my pleasure to share with you my healthy, raw, organic living product.
let's keep this enjoyable eating experience going!

so come on by the bastrop producers market for
hippychick's living fermented goodie goods!

tuesday through friday 11am to 7pm
saturday 9am to 6pm
sunday 1pm to 6pm
monday rest day

977 Hwy 71
bastrop, texas 
between FM20 and Hwy2

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