Saturday, July 10, 2010

hippychick is offering a skillshare course at the bastrop producers market

topic – brew your own kombucha tea
  • when: saturday, july 24th, 2o1o, from 1o:3o am - 12:oo pm
  • to attend: please sign up at the bastrop producers market
    • note attendance will be limited 12
  • sign up now!
  • facilitated by: michelle habeck a.k.a. hippychick
  • $3.oo optional donation
skills shared between grasshoppers
  • i will demonstrate and explain the basics of brewing and bottling kombucha.
  • topics to be covered will include brewing materials, brewing methods, how to grow your own kombucha scoby, exploring kombucha tea using organic sugar, conventional sugar and/or other natural sweet options, bottling your home brewed tea and more.
  • samples of brewed kombucha tea will be provided.
  • kombucha tea starter kits and kombucha tea brewing jars will be available for sale.
  • one lucky grasshopper will take home a free kombucha tea starter kit!
hippychick’s kombucha experience
  • i have been brewing kombucha for over two years.
  • i maintain a blog at
  • intended audience
  • this skillshare is for any grasshopper who is interested in brewing and bottling
  • their own kombucha tea or wants to learn more about kombucha tea.
*about hippychick’s skillsharing experiences

hippychick seeks to share practical skills enabling folk to live more happy and healthy lives. hippychick hopes to exemplify that baby steps, in practice, are in fact giant leaps toward living a more sustainable lifestyle. hippychick believes that learning is a daily experience. we are all grasshoppers, few are masters and the road is ours for the traveling. life is to be lived with eyes open. experience is to be shared. please join hippychick for this and for future skillsharing experiences. cheers!

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