Saturday, July 31, 2010

hippychick's mid-summer homestead look about

  outback bee supers stackin' up
that which we all dream about
once upon a time this was a garden pathway
keyhole garden year two!
homemade pasta with homegrown goodies
southeast bee hives thriving
now to beat the raccoons to the finished ears

Saturday, July 10, 2010

hippychick is offering a skillshare course at the bastrop producers market

topic – brew your own kombucha tea
  • when: saturday, july 24th, 2o1o, from 1o:3o am - 12:oo pm
  • to attend: please sign up at the bastrop producers market
    • note attendance will be limited 12
  • sign up now!
  • facilitated by: michelle habeck a.k.a. hippychick
  • $3.oo optional donation
skills shared between grasshoppers
  • i will demonstrate and explain the basics of brewing and bottling kombucha.
  • topics to be covered will include brewing materials, brewing methods, how to grow your own kombucha scoby, exploring kombucha tea using organic sugar, conventional sugar and/or other natural sweet options, bottling your home brewed tea and more.
  • samples of brewed kombucha tea will be provided.
  • kombucha tea starter kits and kombucha tea brewing jars will be available for sale.
  • one lucky grasshopper will take home a free kombucha tea starter kit!
hippychick’s kombucha experience
  • i have been brewing kombucha for over two years.
  • i maintain a blog at
  • intended audience
  • this skillshare is for any grasshopper who is interested in brewing and bottling
  • their own kombucha tea or wants to learn more about kombucha tea.
*about hippychick’s skillsharing experiences

hippychick seeks to share practical skills enabling folk to live more happy and healthy lives. hippychick hopes to exemplify that baby steps, in practice, are in fact giant leaps toward living a more sustainable lifestyle. hippychick believes that learning is a daily experience. we are all grasshoppers, few are masters and the road is ours for the traveling. life is to be lived with eyes open. experience is to be shared. please join hippychick for this and for future skillsharing experiences. cheers!

Friday, July 9, 2010

where ya' been hippychick? where ya' been hippychick?

yes i know, away too long again.  
never fear - all is swell
so legs get to it.

the short is peeps are happy, peeps are busy, rain has been falling and though the posts have been slim, the goings on have been full and ripe!
now to the long of it - fasten your seat belts folks - the blathering begins...
- mr. man -
hippychick is happily hanging with mr. man or is it better to say that mr. man is happily hanging with hippychick.  either way, we run into each other quite a lot and i and he, we like it.  mr. man is pretty good with the hippychick way.  he helps make jam, he helps make sauces, he cooks, he collects eggs, he feeds the chickeny creatures, the kitty creatures and enjoys gifting bun bun with green treats.  they love him!  i think mr. man is partial to bun bun myself but that's just a hunch.

as of late, mr. man has spent a good bit of time organizing his magic bus universe.  mr. man specializes in vintage vinyl - the can't find this stuff just anywhere vinyl - you name it, he's probably got it.  looking for something special?  give me a hollar, i'll pass the request on.  

the magic bus universe is soon to be open for an entertaining, invite only, look abouts touched with entertainment and some good homegrown eats and drinks. soon, soon, soon - oh my there is so much going on!

amazing side note about mr. man - walk into any joint where music is playing, 9 times out of 1o, mr. man can name the tune and the artist and tell you something interesting about the artist in less than 1o seconds.  blows me away!  makes me smile too.

world cup - world cup - world cup

yet another side note - mr. man is my own private football (soccer) pundit.  he hits the comment before the folks paid to comment do - hey ESPN, YOU HIRED THE WRONG GUY!  come and get him.  i know where he lives.  he's smart as a sassy whip, he's a looker, and he's pretty darn funny to boot.

the family is healthy and happy 
that's good good good!
happy happy grandfolk having a good ole' time with little miss z

grandmom's kiddo cloths will knock you out
and grandmom's hand made kiddo fabric touch books will lay ya flat
ain't wee z sweet looking all preened and girly
froggy of course is reading with her

brother is short hop from defending his p.h.d.
dr. brother, dr. brother you are needed in the science lab...
the frogs and voles and carbon controlled environments seem to be tainted with laughing gas - we suspect the mammals responsible for the shinanigans!

mommy-z - aside from being an amazzzzzing beautiful, attentive and trusting mommy is offered jobs wherever she romps.  
how beautiful mommy and z in perfect light enjoying z's first birthday!

hazely-z is happy as one could possibly be
cutie cutie cutie

who couldn't love a mug like that!
i tell ya.
big changes are comin' for some in the hippychick universe.  it's funny, we family seem to be taking leaps in synch.  some are moving, some are exploring new paths while some are finding creativity and love walk easily hand in hand and that generosity quickly spreads across the planet given the suggestion of possibility. 
we the creatures, here in the smalltowntexas hippychick universe are swimming through the land of permits and wandering about the mazes of inspection.  we work on a budget so small one is challenged to even detect is actual existence.  it's a penny here, penny there kind of thing.
so far, we swim and wander with a small bit of success.  fingers crossed we do so well in future.  more on this bit below  

the chickeny creatures, bunbun and the bees are doing well.
"the following will be typed and read (please) in dulcet tones so as not to alert the heat hot way too freaking humid gods of the universe" 
it's not been too to hot here so far this summer. yes it's been hot and probably way too hot for most folk but not nearly as hot as last summer and i for one feel blessed for that.

the rains have been falling and the nights do cool down. this has been especially good for the bees. rain means flowers and nectar and pollen. rain means that all the goodie goods the bees need to maintain a strong and healthy hive, build population and store collected goods is possible.

the days do get steamy just the same and many of the chickenychicas are in moult which means that the egg production has slowed considerably. we get big egg days and small egg days. so far we are eeking by making orders. i feel a bit behind but i hope the production will pick up fairly soon. we'll see.

side note - rooroo or daddydaddy as i like to call him has grown to be a most beautiful roodaddy. his sweet and gentle demeanor is most pleasant. i do have to say, the man understands survival. he's gentle and loving with the girls of his flock and he shares a special coocoo with me when i go to visit. he's a good man for the girls and i'm happy he's a part of our universe.

there are twelve tweenychicks growing steadily in the metal shed. all are healthy, perky and enjoying the outside run. there once was a really really really vigorous squash plant in the run - then the hippychick lady let the chickens to it - and now the squash plant is gone - or rather gone to nourish the wee chickenycreatures... bunbun has been holding his own.

bunbun is very happy for the bunbun bachelor pad hippychick installed late spring. it keeps him cool and out of the sun. it shelters him from the rain and it makes it so hippychick cannot pick him up and fuss with him more than he prefers - drat! so let's hope this oddly cooler weather sticks about.

ok now back to our generally loud-ish hippychick universe rant volume.

check! check! yup, we're back

speaking of creatures, we are now kittiythree as we welcome feisty bellagirl. she, much like opera and our sweet sweet (now in kitty heaven) uncle darla appeared wee and tiny out of nowhere. bella sweetie, tiny as she was, held her own with many of the handsome, stray and not always so willing to share their dinner, boy kitties of the neighborhood - several still in need of the *snip snip.
bella, also known as the little one, little mis muffet, and chirpy girl (as she coos and chirps rather than meroowing) has taken quite nicely to her inside digs.  she's growing rapidly and chilling out some.  she still defends her status a bit more than i like but i imagine over time as she gains more confidence that home is home is home, she'll relax and she'll not see mr. t as competition but as her handsome, somewhat cranky but excellent purring older brother.
*we are working on resolving the snip snip needs kitty by kitty
opera is doing great.  opera experienced a run in with some cranky creature early this summer requiring a visit to the nice vet peoples, some pain killers and few days inside bed rest.  he proved most amiable to the whole event.  his leg has since recovered and he's back to his old self.  still there is the every now and then that i inject a bit of "do not fight the other neighborhood cats/strays" encouragement.  he's a protector and makes sure everyone knows it.  he's also still my big orange boy with steely blue eyes but don't tell the other cats - we don't wish to blow his rough man cover.  
mr. t oh mr. t poor mr. t 
why oh why does hippychick allow these small kitty creatures in the house? 
mr. t is a gentle man who wishes for nothing more than a bit of peace and quite and to be left alone unless you are scratching him exactly where he wishes to be scratched.  he does not wish to be jumped on, pounced at or hissed on by some smart whippy female of a kittencat!  mr. t has been spending a good bit of time sleeping and lounging about in the upstairs bedrooms though he has ventured back down the stairs as of late.  hippychick believes it is only a matter of time before wee bella and t find a middle ground.  mr. t, on the other hand hopes hippychick finds bella a whole other out of the way pouncing ground.  more on this as the developments unfold...

we've been busy in the hippychick kitchen making all kinds of goods and canning up jars - some for now - some for later - some for gifts and such down the way. 
- on the menu -
  •  bbq sauce two ways
    • peach-a-mater bbq sauce
    • i ain't sorry for it bbq sauce
  • peach ginger preserves
  • pickled mini-maters
  • pickled leeks
  • fresh pasta
    • wholewheat eggy pasta with black pepper
      • toothy earthy flavor
    • organic semolina eggy pasta
      • smooth and mellow flavor
  • soups
    • chicken
    • veggie
    • with changes made nearly everyday depending upon which add ins are available fresh from the day's garden goods
  • grains
    • old world grains - amaranth, teff, quinoa
    • mr. man is a big fan
  • ricy puddings
    • comfort food for hippychick
  • oatmeal
    • comfort food for mr. man
  • kombucha
    • yummy yummy clear the mind and body goods for all
    • we mix ours with ginger, peach juice, watermelon juice, lemon juice
      • all juiced here in the universe of course
        • store bought juice is just too darn expensive
        • and not nearly as fresh tasting or raw
  • squashes
    • squash with home canned maters is a favorite - yum yum yummy!
  • iced coffee
    • here to stay - that's how it goes
  • eggs - most always soft boilers
    • eggs on toast
    • eggs on nori
    • eggs in hand
    • though not so many eggs for us as our eggy orders take priority
      • this will change as cooler weather makes its way back to our parts
  • honey
    • hippychicks bees offered a great honey harvest this spring!  both hives are super healthy, flying like crazy and producing like gangbusters.  as earlier posted, hippychick's wildflower honey is now at market and selling faster than i ever expected.  supplies are limited so get yourself to the bastrop producers market or wait until fall to get your hands on a share.

in other news...
  • hippychick passed the food management exam with flying colors! she is now certified to manufacture limited types of foods in a commercial kitchen.
  • hippychick has found a commercial kitchen to work in
  • hippychick is now working toward full state and federal compliance.
    • this means one final kitchen inspection and the procuring of one or two more necessary permits.
  • hippychick is now searching for
    • suppliers of packaging goods
    • labels and branding
    • best practices for marketing marketing marketing
      • hippychick finds these three bits most challenging
      • hippychick may need help... HELP!!!
- we are nearly ready for take off - 
- stay tuned -

that's all for now folks