Thursday, June 3, 2010

rainy days are good days

a bit of rainy day we're having though the light from the sky is yet bright.  i find the day quite lovely in truth.  the temperatures hover in the low eighties, a gentle breeze moves the aire and all good plant folk are quenching their heady thirst.

the chickeny creatures are inside, dry, happy and well fed.  the kitty creatures are moving from sheltered space to sheltered space and two sleep upon the top of the chicken coop, yet beneath the protected tin roof for a tapping tapping nap.  the bees have huddled in hive for the day, they'll not be out to play until drier times arrive.
i may do a bit of farming goodness inside myself.  
  • there is fresh raw milk in the fridge - some waiting for it's transformation to yogurt and/or possibly a fresh cheese.
  • there's a veggie soup waiting to be plucked from the garden goods - stewed maters, chard - ribs and leaves, green beans, summer squash, peas, carrots and herbs herb herbs.  i'll pull a jar of my own chicken stock to flavor it all up - chop chop, slow heat and there's dinner for days on the cheap and yummy!
  • i may give my whole wheat oatmeal molasses bread a go today too - fingers crossed she rises...
where will we end up?
only the day will tell
rainy days are good days
rainy days are relaxin' days
so says hippychick.
for kitties
rainydays are nappin' daze
or is that
everyday is a nappin day?
ponder that

 - - - - - -
in other news,  i built a facebook page for the bastrop producers market.  you've heard me rave about these folk before and i continue to rave.  they connect real farmers to real folk.  they promote local sustainable organic foods.  they support local artisans.  they charge a fair price for more then excellent goods.
look to the right column for the link to the bastrop producers market on facebook to see what's in market this week!

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