Saturday, June 26, 2010

love stings - thrice as nice

2o1o  the year of the keeper sting fest
bees three
keeper zero
so it goes
 - sting one is the left eye -

- sting two, the right eye - 
or the other way round
cannot honestly remember which eye was struck first
no matter
all healed well

- sting three on the upper center of my forehead -
in the hairline mind you
not even close to me eyeballs

who knew it would cause both eyes to shut?
not me!
- truthful bit -
only one of the three bites while keeping the bees - bite numero uno
some folk get no reaction to stings
i on the other hand experience life to the fullest.

and with this sting - my forhead is mighty swelled too
makes me look like i've got a bigger brain
i could use a bit of that i'm sure...

love your bees
if only all queens were to feel so secure..


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