Wednesday, May 19, 2010

still farmin' in small town texas

hey folks! i know it's been a while - nearing a month now and no posts - not to worry, i'm still here and i'm still farming and i'm still gardening and making plans for future endeavors.

life has been focused in scattered places as of late
  • going up for tenure at a big university - readying files and documents and more documents - this takes much time and thought - we'll know in late december if i get to keep my university job... nuf' on that
  • advising, reading and editing thesis from several of my superfine now graduating graduate students
  • cultivating a relationship with a lovely man - a very nice addition to recent days - he's a great fellow and a fine farm hand too - he's quite flirty with the chickenychicas and they like that...
  • keeping the farm running - four hands are better than two i do believe i do believe
  • gardening - more to come on this - we've had good rains as of late - fingers crossed they keep on coming
  • beekeeping - one hive is now at seven supers high the other at three - looks like i'll be harvesting honey real soon
  • putting up foods - maters maters and more maters - i collect the not so beautiful from a local farm stand - they don't have to be pretty to taste good in my world
  • making yogurts - just ran out - time to makes me some more!
  • playing in the mud with me birthday boyman at the austin texas muddy buddy - we finished smiling thank you very much!
  • cheering on my favored chelsea fb team - now champions of both the premiere fb league and the fa cup finals - go blues!
  • keeping up with family and friends
  • nursing an injured ankle - kind of - i'm a bad bad patient
- everyone is well -
bun bun, operakitty, mr. t supercat of the universe, the super-d-lovely victory chickens and we the humans who stomp around the place and try as we might to spoil the heck out of all.

thanks for hanging in and waiting on a sometimes occupied elsewhere smalltime farmergirl. i'm off to market to deliver eggs and some good foods to a friend. i'll be back

for now,
enjoy the restful image of a spoiled supercat
(a.k.a. termite, a.k.a. mr. t.)
fully contented

stay tuned~!
the story of hippychick the double wammy cyclopsegirl is soon to come~

true stories of a girl who was stung by two bees and a hornet
one day the left eye
another day the right eye
all in the time span of a week
woo hoo!

it's a swell story
eh eh eh


Kim said...

So glad to see a post from you! (Your sabbatical came right as I was finishing up readin' all your posts!!!) I truly enjoy your adventures! And congrats on the relationship!!!!!!

Conny said...

You are truly one busy woman. Good to know things are alright there - just busy living and getting things done. I added as a Follower today so I can keep up when you're able to post. Cheers ~