Tuesday, May 25, 2010

organic eggs, kombucha, canned peaches and maters

hippychick's super-d-lovely eggs are booming - cheers for local organic fed chickeny egg sellers!  the chickenchicas at hippychick's gardens provide beautiful fresh eggs daily.

*i feed the ladies locally milled coyote creek organic feed. they also enjoy organically grown greens, tomatoes and the occasional melon from the garden, along with any goodies they can scratch up with their own two chickeny feets.

-- $4.00 per dozen (brown, white, blue green, dark brown - each carton is a mixed dozen)

also available at the farmstead
-- fresh ginger lemon kombucha tea, kombucha starter kits
-- home preserved and canned - peaches, stewed tomatoes, tomatoe sauce and blueberry ginger jam.

email me @ hippychickenfarmer@gmail.com - - all sales cash only -- hippychick's gardens is a hand to hand sustainable ad-venture.  come on by!

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