Monday, May 24, 2010

new chicks in the hippychick house!

brought home a few chickiebabygirls today !

 here they are checking out the view from their new digs

- future egg layers round the hippychick homestead - thirteen in all and happy little peepers are they.  i've housed them up in the freshly cleaned tin shed coop.
  • they've got sweet smelling pine shavings, bright light, clean water and munchies for their delight.  
  • i keep a small fan blowing about as it gets pretty darn hot in our central texas parts.  
  • i've covered the entrance to the outdoor run with fine mesh wire for now.  the wee ones are not yet ready for the big world.  soon enough they will be, soon enough i am sure.  

what kind of lovelies might they be?  i'll tell ya..
  • ameraucana - layers of blue and/or bluegreen eggs - with puffy cheek and chin feathers (3 ladies)
  • barnevelder - layers ofvery dark reddish eggs - lovely brown flecked ladies (3 ladies)
  • dominique - layers ofbrown eggs - beautiful lookers with black and white barred markings (4 ladies)
  • welsummer - layers of rich terra cotta brown eggs - red heads, what more can i say (3 ladies)
the good news for these girls is that now that there is a friendly man in the hippychick universe, the chickies enjoy not only the love and affections of their chickenmama but that of their chickendaddy too.

woo - chickie - woo -woo!

i just checked in on the wee birdies and they are doing more than fine.  several were snoozing.  others were admiring the fine view and others were pecking away at the tin - i imagine making music or sending out the wee chick rap to the rest of the girls on the homestead.

welcome welcome wee chicks - you are in a good place.  

that brings the hippychick homestead chickenycount up to fifty-three.
"one for every week of the year, and then some"
as chickendaddy says.
- - note - -
#53 is our most handsome australorp rooro. 
#1 depending on how you look at it. 
cheers to that!

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