Monday, May 31, 2010

hippychick's morning sunshiney spaces

sweet and lovely morning's we are enjoying round the homestead these days.
in later day, sweet transforms to sweat as the temperatures rise and rise and rise.
this morn, bees are flying at rates of speed i thought not possible for such tiny creatures, flowers are in bloom and i was able to pluck the first of this season's yellow maters from the vine.

sunny sun flowers are reaching heights nearly twice my size.  maybe they could teach me their magical stretch to the sky methods.  roma beans and string beans are now a near daily pick and squashes (yes i did say squashes) are forming healthily on the vine.  shhhhhhh, don't let the vine borers hear - so far so good, fingers twice and triple crossed, the'll make it to maturity. 

 broom corn and sorghum are blading out.  melons oh melons are spreading - no signs yet of melons yet i am sure the bees are visiting the blooms.  i may need to look a bit harder, my gut says they- wee melons - are there, maybe just protected and shy for a while.

i put in a planting of sweet corn and new zealand spinach just a few days back with the company of another planting of melon and acorn squash and spaghetti squash too.  we'll see in this heat how they do do do. 
the large patch of okra on the southern westerly side is now three inches high.  these okra share the company of kentucky wonder climbing beans, sunny sun flowers,  berry blackberries, herby herbs and a bevvy of maters just getting started.  i imagine this group to grow a bit slower as they squat beneath the cover of a live oak tree. 

the canning goods had a good go yesterday as i took a second go at the green gage jammy jam having not gelled the first time around and oh how jammy she finally turned out to be.  oh my oh my oh my my my how jammy she tickles our tongues with her complex fruity-luscious flavors.  mr. man believes it to taste of his childhood remembered gooseberry jams.  i think that's good.  he says yummmm, yes it's good.

along with the jammy jam i put up some pickles
a batch of leeks 
a mixed batch of leeks and beets and greeny beans.  
they're so pretty, makes it hard not to eat them up right away.  but on the shelf they'll stay for six weeks or so or more as we inpatients wait and wait and wait.

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