Thursday, May 27, 2010

hippychick's got an egggcellent idea for you!

are you looking for 
hippychick's super-d-lovely-eggs?
or maybe
hippychick's ginger lemon kombucha
hippychick's kombucha kombucha?

are you local? 
to bastrop texas?
to austin texas?
or to parts in the space surrounding?

would you like to meet your farmer?
even run into your farmer at market?
june 19 - year one celebration at market - i'll be there serving kombucha - come on by

do you wish to support a privately owned local business?

then shop here!
977 Hwy 71 /  Bastrop, Texas
between FM20 and Hwy21

11am-7pm twthf
9am-6pm sat
1pm-6pm sun
rest on monday


Michelle said...

LOVE your blog! I found you on Best Green Blogs, and boy I'm glad I did. I love to meet and discover other like-minded greenies - it makes me smile. :) When I saw those beautiful brown eggs, I had to chuckle. I recently started buying brown, cage-free, no hormones, etc. eggs, and thought they were so lovely I had to take pictures of them. Of course my family laughed at me, but they love me and like to humor me. Take care, peace. :) I'm totally following your blog by the way - keep up the good work!

shellywoman said...

welcome michelle - glad to have you as a part of the hippychick homestead family.