Thursday, May 27, 2010

and so the day begins...

 nothing like a good breakfast these days.
mr. man and i have been chatting on the subject --
neither he nor i had placed much effort into the breaking of fast prior to our meeting one another.  now i think we both look forward to the morning meal not only as a nourishing start to the day but also as a way to share a bit of time together before our busy work day begins.

mr. man takes care to the breakfast prep and i cover dinner - or so it has been for a while...  the morning's tend to start out with iced coffee or a mix of my own ginger lemon kombucha - both prove refreshing and shake the wake vibe into action.  the solid eats are quite often fresh eggs from the hippychick homestead cooked to our favored preference - soft boiled over rye crackers or aside home baked breads or all on their beautiful own. mr. man is the king of the perfect soft boiler so i stay out of the way and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

this morning however proved a different kind of wonderful full belly meal - wheat bran, oats, chopped apple, homemade granola, raisins and blackberries atop a cool dollop of yogurt.  mmm mmm mmmmm and oh so filling.  this breakfast really keeps one going through the day.  the good thing is that it does not feel heavy.  it feels just right in the tummy as the day wares on. 

the bad news is that i think we are almost out of the homemade granola.  the flip side to that is that there are wonderful berries and fruits in season to fill the bill. 

  i whipped up a double batch of laundry detergent last night.  only cost me a few bucks,  only took an hour or so to prep and less time to fill the bottles.  i encourage you all to make your own laundry detergent. it is an easy project and a huge huge huge money saver!
- - note - - 
you do not have to use the fels-naptha soap specified in the related recipe.  i, in fact, subbed in a fine ole' standby bar of ivory for this batch with no negative effects.

 mr. t found the morning's goings on quite exhausting and thought it best to take a snooze on the "get down from the" kitchen counter - cutiepants that he is. 

 somehow i could not scold the boy for being on the counter, looking as sweet as he did. it was a beautiful spot.  the breeze was blowing in from the window, the counter must have felt cool to his furry self and loves to play with water so the proximity to the sink and faucet must have placed his dreamy self into a place of bliss.

and so the work day begins --
it will be a full one with lots to do and goals to reach for

the positive --
i get to enjoy this work day at home in the company of good creatures and beautiful natural sites.
what could be better?

- not working - yes of course - 
yet not an option at this present time
best to focus on the positive
and get on with it.

enjoy your day!

i am, i must admit pondering dwarf nigerian goats...
anyone in the bastroptown and/or bigcityaustin texas area papa or mama to such babies?  would love to pick your brain...

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