Monday, May 31, 2010

hippychick's homemade & homegrown goods - eggs, peaches, maters, kombucha and jam

 hippychick's super-d-lovely eggs
cheers for local organic fed chickeny egg sellers! the chickenchicas at hippychick's gardens provide beautiful fresh eggs daily. *i feed the ladies coyote creek organic feed. they also enjoy organically grown greens, tomatoes and the occasional melon from the garden, along with any goodies they can scratch up with their own two chickeny feets.
-- $4.00 per dozen (brown, white, blue green, dark brown - each carton is a mixed dozen)
also available
-- fresh ginger lemon kombucha tea - $2.75 pint
-- fresh kombucha tea - $2.75 pint
-- kombucha tea starter kit - $12.oo pint jar w/tea, sugar and kombucha culture
-- home canned peaches $8.oo quart
-- home canned stewed tomatoes $7.50 quart -- $4.oo pint
-- home canned tomato sauce $4.oo pint
-- home made and preserved blueberry ginger jam $3.75 1/2 pint

hippychick gardens is a hand to hand sustainable ad-venture
hippychick gardens is located in historic bastrop, texas
all sales local and sold from the homestead
all sales cash only

email me

hippychick's morning sunshiney spaces

sweet and lovely morning's we are enjoying round the homestead these days.
in later day, sweet transforms to sweat as the temperatures rise and rise and rise.
this morn, bees are flying at rates of speed i thought not possible for such tiny creatures, flowers are in bloom and i was able to pluck the first of this season's yellow maters from the vine.

sunny sun flowers are reaching heights nearly twice my size.  maybe they could teach me their magical stretch to the sky methods.  roma beans and string beans are now a near daily pick and squashes (yes i did say squashes) are forming healthily on the vine.  shhhhhhh, don't let the vine borers hear - so far so good, fingers twice and triple crossed, the'll make it to maturity. 

 broom corn and sorghum are blading out.  melons oh melons are spreading - no signs yet of melons yet i am sure the bees are visiting the blooms.  i may need to look a bit harder, my gut says they- wee melons - are there, maybe just protected and shy for a while.

i put in a planting of sweet corn and new zealand spinach just a few days back with the company of another planting of melon and acorn squash and spaghetti squash too.  we'll see in this heat how they do do do. 
the large patch of okra on the southern westerly side is now three inches high.  these okra share the company of kentucky wonder climbing beans, sunny sun flowers,  berry blackberries, herby herbs and a bevvy of maters just getting started.  i imagine this group to grow a bit slower as they squat beneath the cover of a live oak tree. 

the canning goods had a good go yesterday as i took a second go at the green gage jammy jam having not gelled the first time around and oh how jammy she finally turned out to be.  oh my oh my oh my my my how jammy she tickles our tongues with her complex fruity-luscious flavors.  mr. man believes it to taste of his childhood remembered gooseberry jams.  i think that's good.  he says yummmm, yes it's good.

along with the jammy jam i put up some pickles
a batch of leeks 
a mixed batch of leeks and beets and greeny beans.  
they're so pretty, makes it hard not to eat them up right away.  but on the shelf they'll stay for six weeks or so or more as we inpatients wait and wait and wait.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

hippychick saves some bucks and still feeds the chickens

 Hippychick digs groupon 

 - it's a buying collective and i've had excellent fun with the purchases i have made to date.  i'm saving big bucks for goods i cannot usually afford.  it's nice.  i don't take part in each and every deal - that's for sure - but the every so often, i do.  groupon is a great way to have some fun and still feed the chickens.  give it a look see, it's free to join and present in many many citys around the world. 

How It Works

  1. Each day we feature something cool to do at an unbeatable price.
  2. You only get it if enough people join that day… so invite your friends!

I like today's deal - how do I get it?

Just click "BUY" before the offer ends at midnight. If the minimum number of people sign up, we'll charge your card and send you a link to print your Groupon. If not enough people join, no one gets it (and you won't be charged), so invite your friends to make sure you get the deal!

Do I need to use my Groupon the same day I buy it?

No. Many Groupons have an expiration date, but you never have to use them on the date of purchase.

I bought a Groupon - how do I use it?

Once you're charged, you'll receive an email with a link to sign in and print your Groupon. The Groupon has redemption instructions and a map right on it!

Can I buy a Groupon as a gift for someone else?

Yes. We communicate with all the businesses that we work with that Groupons can be gifted, and unless the Fine Print specifically states otherwise, gift away! To have us send them the gift, select the gift option at checkout.

Is Groupon safe?

Extremely. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. At no time is your credit card information stored on our servers.

What happens if my Groupon expires?

All is not lost! Once a Groupon reaches its expiration date, it loses its promotional value, but you can still redeem it at the price you paid for the length of time stated by gift certificate laws in your state.

Where did you get the name "Groupon?"

Groupon is a city in Switzerland where Goodyear tires are sold at heavily discounted rates.

When will Groupon be in my city?

Hopefully soon - we're growing fast. If you'd like to help us launch Groupon in your city, feel free to email us.

and then there is another like site - living social - they run in a very similar manner.  i have joined both free services.  you sign up and claim your nearest city - the good news it that you can join in on the deals in any city - use the coupons for gifts or for yourself when you travel.

hippychick says be thirfty - give these services a look!


Friday, May 28, 2010

quirky stuffs n' books n' music for cheap bucks

mr. man is having a yard sale
he's taking advantage of the fine weather to set out wares priced to sell 
come check it out

and now a word from the man himself

Lots of D.V.D.s some sealed, $2:50 each 5 for $10:00
C.D.s $1:00
Toys, inc "KISS" figurines. 
Retro lunch boxes
books, Books BOOKS! 50c /$1:00 
curios, oddities, and what-have-yous
Silly stuff at sensible prices..

Saturday only
9:00 am til 1:00 pm 
513 Leisure Lane 
off highway 71 near McKinney Roughs Park Turn on Still Forest or Stoney Brook, and follow orange and blue signs...

No early birds please...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

who is the cutest of them all?

 hazely-z is the cutest three miles tall!
so says auntie m

hippychick's got an egggcellent idea for you!

are you looking for 
hippychick's super-d-lovely-eggs?
or maybe
hippychick's ginger lemon kombucha
hippychick's kombucha kombucha?

are you local? 
to bastrop texas?
to austin texas?
or to parts in the space surrounding?

would you like to meet your farmer?
even run into your farmer at market?
june 19 - year one celebration at market - i'll be there serving kombucha - come on by

do you wish to support a privately owned local business?

then shop here!
977 Hwy 71 /  Bastrop, Texas
between FM20 and Hwy21

11am-7pm twthf
9am-6pm sat
1pm-6pm sun
rest on monday

and so the day begins...

 nothing like a good breakfast these days.
mr. man and i have been chatting on the subject --
neither he nor i had placed much effort into the breaking of fast prior to our meeting one another.  now i think we both look forward to the morning meal not only as a nourishing start to the day but also as a way to share a bit of time together before our busy work day begins.

mr. man takes care to the breakfast prep and i cover dinner - or so it has been for a while...  the morning's tend to start out with iced coffee or a mix of my own ginger lemon kombucha - both prove refreshing and shake the wake vibe into action.  the solid eats are quite often fresh eggs from the hippychick homestead cooked to our favored preference - soft boiled over rye crackers or aside home baked breads or all on their beautiful own. mr. man is the king of the perfect soft boiler so i stay out of the way and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

this morning however proved a different kind of wonderful full belly meal - wheat bran, oats, chopped apple, homemade granola, raisins and blackberries atop a cool dollop of yogurt.  mmm mmm mmmmm and oh so filling.  this breakfast really keeps one going through the day.  the good thing is that it does not feel heavy.  it feels just right in the tummy as the day wares on. 

the bad news is that i think we are almost out of the homemade granola.  the flip side to that is that there are wonderful berries and fruits in season to fill the bill. 

  i whipped up a double batch of laundry detergent last night.  only cost me a few bucks,  only took an hour or so to prep and less time to fill the bottles.  i encourage you all to make your own laundry detergent. it is an easy project and a huge huge huge money saver!
- - note - - 
you do not have to use the fels-naptha soap specified in the related recipe.  i, in fact, subbed in a fine ole' standby bar of ivory for this batch with no negative effects.

 mr. t found the morning's goings on quite exhausting and thought it best to take a snooze on the "get down from the" kitchen counter - cutiepants that he is. 

 somehow i could not scold the boy for being on the counter, looking as sweet as he did. it was a beautiful spot.  the breeze was blowing in from the window, the counter must have felt cool to his furry self and loves to play with water so the proximity to the sink and faucet must have placed his dreamy self into a place of bliss.

and so the work day begins --
it will be a full one with lots to do and goals to reach for

the positive --
i get to enjoy this work day at home in the company of good creatures and beautiful natural sites.
what could be better?

- not working - yes of course - 
yet not an option at this present time
best to focus on the positive
and get on with it.

enjoy your day!

i am, i must admit pondering dwarf nigerian goats...
anyone in the bastroptown and/or bigcityaustin texas area papa or mama to such babies?  would love to pick your brain...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

organic eggs, kombucha, canned peaches and maters

hippychick's super-d-lovely eggs are booming - cheers for local organic fed chickeny egg sellers!  the chickenchicas at hippychick's gardens provide beautiful fresh eggs daily.

*i feed the ladies locally milled coyote creek organic feed. they also enjoy organically grown greens, tomatoes and the occasional melon from the garden, along with any goodies they can scratch up with their own two chickeny feets.

-- $4.00 per dozen (brown, white, blue green, dark brown - each carton is a mixed dozen)

also available at the farmstead
-- fresh ginger lemon kombucha tea, kombucha starter kits
-- home preserved and canned - peaches, stewed tomatoes, tomatoe sauce and blueberry ginger jam.

email me @ - - all sales cash only -- hippychick's gardens is a hand to hand sustainable ad-venture.  come on by!

Monday, May 24, 2010

new chicks in the hippychick house!

brought home a few chickiebabygirls today !

 here they are checking out the view from their new digs

- future egg layers round the hippychick homestead - thirteen in all and happy little peepers are they.  i've housed them up in the freshly cleaned tin shed coop.
  • they've got sweet smelling pine shavings, bright light, clean water and munchies for their delight.  
  • i keep a small fan blowing about as it gets pretty darn hot in our central texas parts.  
  • i've covered the entrance to the outdoor run with fine mesh wire for now.  the wee ones are not yet ready for the big world.  soon enough they will be, soon enough i am sure.  

what kind of lovelies might they be?  i'll tell ya..
  • ameraucana - layers of blue and/or bluegreen eggs - with puffy cheek and chin feathers (3 ladies)
  • barnevelder - layers ofvery dark reddish eggs - lovely brown flecked ladies (3 ladies)
  • dominique - layers ofbrown eggs - beautiful lookers with black and white barred markings (4 ladies)
  • welsummer - layers of rich terra cotta brown eggs - red heads, what more can i say (3 ladies)
the good news for these girls is that now that there is a friendly man in the hippychick universe, the chickies enjoy not only the love and affections of their chickenmama but that of their chickendaddy too.

woo - chickie - woo -woo!

i just checked in on the wee birdies and they are doing more than fine.  several were snoozing.  others were admiring the fine view and others were pecking away at the tin - i imagine making music or sending out the wee chick rap to the rest of the girls on the homestead.

welcome welcome wee chicks - you are in a good place.  

that brings the hippychick homestead chickenycount up to fifty-three.
"one for every week of the year, and then some"
as chickendaddy says.
- - note - -
#53 is our most handsome australorp rooro. 
#1 depending on how you look at it. 
cheers to that!

    Thursday, May 20, 2010

    starting the day out eggy homemade

    well i just finished off the last bits of the fall honey harvest - mmm mmm good.  it was a good harvest, not a huge harvest but fine enough to share with family members, good friends and to gift a few very special folk on a job well done. 

    i enjoyed my bit of honey over a few soft boilers atop of my early morning whole wheat eggy muffins.  yup eggs on eggy muffins.  there are times in a chickenfarmer's days when the egg supply exceeds the demand.  and it is the clever and creative farmer that finds ways to make good use of them. 

    round here, we
    • soft boil um'
      • eaten over rye crackers
      • eaten over steamed greens
      • eaten over soups
      • eaten over crusty bread
      • eaten solo with fingers - yummy!
    • hard boil um'
      • quick snacks
      • nice sliced on crackers with fresh veggies and maters
    • poach um'
      • love them poached if you're feeling fancy 
    • make a few good quiche
      • always a good way to use up some extra eggs
      • 1 pie crust baked half way and/or to directions on package
      • 6 eggs beaten
      • 1/2 cup milk
      • dash salt
      • dash pepper
      • double dash of nutmeg
      • fillings - cheese, veggies, shrimps or fish, sausage or whatever you might think of...
    heat your oven to 350˚f and/or bake pie crust as per directions on package.  bake only half way, you want to finish the baking as you bake the egg mixture in the crust.

     while the pie crust is baking, beat eggs, milk, salt, pepper and nutmeg together.  set aside.  remove the pie crust from the oven when baked half way.  place any fillings you wish into the pie crust.    slowly pour the egg mixture on top of the fillings.

    place the pie pan into the oven and bake for 35 to 40 minutes or until done.  the quiche will rise in the oven and fall once cooled - do not panic.  it's a natural process.  allow the quiche to cool or risk a burnt tongue.  quiche stores well in the fridge and is easily enjoyed hot or cool.
    • eat our eggs aside morning eggy muffins 
      • 2 eggs
      • 1 cup milk
      • dash of salt
      • 2 tablespoons of butter
        • if you like i go without since i use raw whole milk
      • 1 cup flour
        • 1/2 cup half organic white
        • 1/2 cup organic whole wheat
    heat oven to 350 ˚f.  grease or spray muffin pan.  mix batter in a blender or food processor, just until mixed and a bit creamy.  pour batter into muffin pan filling only 1/2 high.  bake for 30-40 minutes depending upon the true heat of your oven.  turn out onto a cooling rack.  enjoy warm or cool.

    and there are other ways too
    • rice pudding, custard and a good iced cream which i have yet to make for fear of eating the whole of the batch all in one go.  i am a big fan of each so it's best i not resort to puddings and custards and creams unless a hoard of hungry company is on the way.

    today's dinner will include these homegrown goodies
    • carrots
    • roma beans
    • artichokes
    • beets
    • pesto
    all sounds good to me, when's dinner?

    there is much to do today - a friend gifted me with a large boot box full of green gage plums. so to greengage jam it is and a few plum tarts i thinks too.  sound yummy?  let's hope so.

    have a great day folks!  cheery cheer cheers to you.

    Wednesday, May 19, 2010

    still farmin' in small town texas

    hey folks! i know it's been a while - nearing a month now and no posts - not to worry, i'm still here and i'm still farming and i'm still gardening and making plans for future endeavors.

    life has been focused in scattered places as of late
    • going up for tenure at a big university - readying files and documents and more documents - this takes much time and thought - we'll know in late december if i get to keep my university job... nuf' on that
    • advising, reading and editing thesis from several of my superfine now graduating graduate students
    • cultivating a relationship with a lovely man - a very nice addition to recent days - he's a great fellow and a fine farm hand too - he's quite flirty with the chickenychicas and they like that...
    • keeping the farm running - four hands are better than two i do believe i do believe
    • gardening - more to come on this - we've had good rains as of late - fingers crossed they keep on coming
    • beekeeping - one hive is now at seven supers high the other at three - looks like i'll be harvesting honey real soon
    • putting up foods - maters maters and more maters - i collect the not so beautiful from a local farm stand - they don't have to be pretty to taste good in my world
    • making yogurts - just ran out - time to makes me some more!
    • playing in the mud with me birthday boyman at the austin texas muddy buddy - we finished smiling thank you very much!
    • cheering on my favored chelsea fb team - now champions of both the premiere fb league and the fa cup finals - go blues!
    • keeping up with family and friends
    • nursing an injured ankle - kind of - i'm a bad bad patient
    - everyone is well -
    bun bun, operakitty, mr. t supercat of the universe, the super-d-lovely victory chickens and we the humans who stomp around the place and try as we might to spoil the heck out of all.

    thanks for hanging in and waiting on a sometimes occupied elsewhere smalltime farmergirl. i'm off to market to deliver eggs and some good foods to a friend. i'll be back

    for now,
    enjoy the restful image of a spoiled supercat
    (a.k.a. termite, a.k.a. mr. t.)
    fully contented

    stay tuned~!
    the story of hippychick the double wammy cyclopsegirl is soon to come~

    true stories of a girl who was stung by two bees and a hornet
    one day the left eye
    another day the right eye
    all in the time span of a week
    woo hoo!

    it's a swell story
    eh eh eh