Monday, April 19, 2010

season's first harvest roots and peas - hippychick enjoying spring

spring carrots are ready and hippychick is doing the happy for roots dance.

take a good gander at these sweet young things
long and skinny
sweet and tender
ooh ooh mama spring is surely here

peas are hopping off their vines directly to my mouth
while a select lucky few actually make it indoors, some for cooking others for fresh munching.

other bits of the garden goods are well off to seed. here broccoli flowers out in lovely yellow. not a lot of bees visiting today as the skies are overcast and grey.

spring onions are soon to be at the ready too. we'll eat some young. the others will stay put through early summer so as to bulb up nice and large.

a few have thrown off flowers.
i'll not trim but let them burst with their own beauty. good for the bees, pretty to look upon and a fine fine way to collect one's own seed.

the first spring carrot harvest steamed up

easy come, easy gooooooooooo

now you see them...

now you don't!
got to be quick around here.

* * * * *
enjoy spring's fresh green aire
enjoy showers
enjoy flowers
enjoy buzzing bees
enjoy spring
enjoy spring

* * * * *

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