Monday, April 5, 2010

pasta • love & lacto-fermentation

pasta • love & lacto-fermentation
sunday proved a positive and productive homesteading day. it started with a lovely breakfast in the company of my sweet. then we each were off to our own keepings.

i to a spring cleaning, to pasta making and to the tending of a most beautiful pot of lacto-fermented cabbages - a.k.a. sauerkraut.

the cleaning spanned the length of the day. i swept, i washed, i tidy'd and placed away. the place is looking better for it yet as one task was completed, another showed itself and so the cycle goes.

betwixt tasks, i rolled cut and hung to dry long lengths of hippychick's whole wheat homestead eggy pasta. my system is simple - one portion of pasta hangs upon an old mailing tube while the remainder finds it's drying place upon the back of the kitchen's step ladder. make use and make due and all will be well.

i love the color of the whole wheated pasta, it's natural linen flaxed tone calms me. it's natural goodness comforts and nourishes me.
mmmm - homemade pasta - mmmm

i enjoyed a bit of the freshly made noodles in the afternoon. not too much, a small handful which proved plenty. the whole grains in the pasta do a fine good job of filling one up while the flavor proves fully satisfying to the tongue.

i tossed the pasta with a more than healthy portion of fresh beet greens and roasted garlic asparagus.
ooh baby!
that pretty much took care of me for the day. i was in want of nothing.

with tummy happy and a feeling of love, i continued on with the day's tasks which included a bit of care for the lacto-fermented kraut setting pretty on the kitchen counter.

i drained off a bit of the top lying juice, checked for any top forming mold, then closed her back up.

i make my kraut simply. i'm not in the possession of a fancypants kraut pot. i use a glass jar, mash the cabbages and salt with a tater masher then top the jar with a few whole leaves from the cabbages before sealing the whole jig up with a plastic bag full of water.

the weight of the water presses down on the kraut while the plastic bag shifts itself to the shape of the jar creating a pretty airtight seal.

simple solutions work.

i'd say this batch is a week away from canning and/or eating.

and so it went
a tasky sunday full with
pasta • love & lacto-fermentation


today's homesteader breakfast
- fresh salad greens with sliced boiled eggs from the girls out back -
yum yum nummy num num

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