Saturday, March 6, 2010

sunshine sweet air and a fine lil' task list

a beautiful day ahead - sun is shining - birds are singing and the temperatures are warm yet cool enough for a good hard day's labor out of doors.

it's a good day for planting, tidying up and turning the compost. i'll be in packmule mode moving garden cart after garden cart after garden cart of goods about the place.

it may be a good day to remove some the protective winter chickeny roost crazycoop cover which will allow a good bit more of early morning sunshine into their living quarters. the sunshine each and all have been waiting the season for.

then there is the sweeping of the ways - a simple ponderlike process - a nice task to rest the packmule muscles in between loads.

who knows what else we'll come up with today - inspiration strikes - til then folk - back out i go go go

cheers and a good day to you!

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