Wednesday, March 3, 2010

dark and quiet morn

i awoke early this morn. the moon shown above and all was quiet except for that chatter of the hens contemplating breaking fast. i in bedclothes and muck boots set about for morning chores. feed and water the hens, collect yesterdays eggs, sweep up the way, recycling and trash to the curb for pickup and laundry washing and drying from the past weeks wear. the light of day was not yet. there was a peace about the place. spring's birds chirped and flitted about in the trees above. i could not make to see them but rather sensed their locational movements. opera kitty walked aside my boots. he knows the way. the hens investigate he, he stays close to me. i pour him his own basin of water and he drinks. piglet bunny romps and hops as he enjoys his morning company. a few scratches betwixt the ears, a few greens for munching and his day too is off to a good start. there is a dampness in the aire. it feels cool and fresh. rain? possibly. with chores complete i wander back inside, feed the feline creatures and pour myself a morning cup. a wash and a sweep tidy the place up fair enough. the chase begins. first uncle darla after termite then roles reversed. the making of the bed proves of interest to both and the job is half done for a break of play. the time is come to prepare for the day. the away at work work part of the day. scratching and napping will be had by all but me. and i look forward to my return home to my family of creature beings.

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Kim said...

Early morning is my fav time of day! Like you I like to get started before the sun is even up, with the company of my cat and two dogs by my side....well at least until I feed them...then it's abandonment from the four legged ones!!