Thursday, March 11, 2010


Kim said...

I just wanted to say a big ol' Texas "Thank You" for this blog! Coming here is like pulling that favorite book off of the shelf, waiting to see what happens next! I've spent many hours here lately, just consuming the great information you provide. Keep up the great work you are are an inspiration! Now, I've got to go dig out a radio for my chikky-babies listening pleasure!!!

underswansea said...

Hello Chick,

I hope this note finds you happy. Perhaps just in from digging in the garden or giving the rabbit a scratch.

Is the top photo a raspberry plant? If so, be careful, they love to spread. I am constantly trying to keep them where they belong.

Have just started my tomatoes indoors. They should be ready for transplanting the last week of May.

It is probably heating up in your neck of the woods. The okra taking off and the flowers blooming.

Stay cool,

PS enjoyed your poem about drinking beer, looked up ‘blahndering’ couldn’t find it, but know exactly what it means.