Tuesday, February 23, 2010

why not - soaking sprouting seeds for garden planting

every gardener in every region runs up against seasonal challenges - the serious gardeners a.k.a. stubborn mule gardeners never allow such challenges to quell one's excitement toward success a.k.a. victorious conquer. (no offense mule lovers, i like mules too - in fact if ever blessed with the space i hope for both a jack and a jenny roaming about)

for me, carrots, beets and fava beans have been a challenge. mostly with the nailing down of the proper planting time in our hot, cold, crazy climate. plant to early and they'll not sprout. plant too late and heat kills the later growth cycle. and then there is the "i thought i was doing everything right but still no sign of growth" plantings". it's been hit or miss so i've spent a great deal of time studying carrots and beets from late summer to fall through our current winter's season. so far, this blessed season has nutured each. (note - all bets are open until harvest - so far being the key phrase)

fava beans on the other hand are new to the hippychick universe. for a while now i thought, favas were simply an impossibility. then one day, i figured why not try? why not? so i did and i must say that i am most proud of the fact that my coveted dried favas have successfully sprouted in the garden with a great and powerfilled might.

so today i soak a second round of favas for planting in a few days forward. in turn i'm soaking a good handful of my coveted mixed sprouting seeds which include, mung bean, peanut, lentil (green, red and black), and chick peas. i'll toss them in the soil for a come what may. they may prove fruitful, they may prove positive for bee and/or bird and/or soil microbe building. no expectations - simply a test - if something takes off, proves strong and produces well, i may consider a full planting for next season.

moral of the story - try something impossible, you never know, you never ever know

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