Monday, February 1, 2010

new girls in town - making one's way into the flock

interesting... hmm, this is not good.
wow truly wow
ok solution time...

the kiddos are getting big - quarters are growing tighter
time for action. no time for wasting.

option 1
pull from the population of young girls and re-home into larger living quarters

this means mixing into my two established flocks. mixing flocks can be tricky. i'll have to be on watch as often as i'm able. i'm suppose to be prepping for a trip - uggghhhhhh

ok - pull two groups of five from population working towards increased success with buddy protection system. cross fingers - hope for easy mixing

first day result

group 1
not so easy mixing - in fact one girl gets literally picked on so hard that i remove her from the flock. she is now inside the house house in her own quarters resting up. my incredible neighbors will watch her progress eventually placing her back with her original flock.

there are some bossy bosses in this flock - i hope the bosses chill out and welcome the new girls into the community sooner than later. i have made efforts to distract the elder ladies with treats of greens, cabbages. i fluffed up the bedding with my boots in hopes of placing attention on excavation exercises - digging and scratching rather than the exercise of bossing around the new girls.

group 2
better - they are sticking together which helps a great deal. i think they will be accepted into their flock in good time. I placed new leafy bedding in the inner coop and making use of the cabbage and greens distraction device. fingers crossed.

group 3
the younger flock minus ten has space enough and is now more comfortable in their living quarters. they are well. they will need more space soon - for now, all is well.

this is business folks - sometimes chicken buying folks are not able to follow through - you as chickenmama have to be ready to do what's best for the flock. we're doin'.

more to come...

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